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Chitika Earnings Drops Drastically

Apr 30, 2010 by     17 Comments    Posted under: Money Matters, Problogging - Make Money Online

I don’t know what happen to Chitika, when I check my Chitika earnings today, Chitika Earnings drops tremendously. as if I am not using chitika and when i open my e-mail i saw this e-mail from them. I got only 3 views last 2 days ago..

Hi Dexter,

As we continue to optimize our ads to get the best yield (eCPM) for both publishers and advertisiers, you may notice some fluctuations in how many impressions you see in your Chitika reports.  Some publishers can expect to see an increase in impressions, and some will notice a decrease.

Why would I see an increase or decrease in my reported Chitika impressions?

Chitika ads do their best to optimize the yield (eCPM) for both publishers AND advertisers.  This means that if the advertisers want more impressions/clicks from your domain, we will be able to serve more ads to you.  However, if the advertiser does not want the traffic that they are receiving from your domains, then you will see less impressions because we will serve fewer ads.

If you are seeing an increase in impressions:
•    We are doing our best to serve you as many ads as possible at the optimal eCPM.  We hope that we are doing a good job – please let us know what you think by submitting some feedback!

If you are seeing a decrease in impressions:
•    Right now, our advertisers are only interested in a portion of the traffic from your domains.  However, as we continue to optimize and bring on new advertisers, this will change and we should be able to gradually serve more ads to you.  In the meantime, when our ads do show, you should continue to see a strong yield (eCPM).
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Chitika Support team.

Best Regards,

I don’t know why they don’t want the traffic from all of my site ? Anyway I will have to check and observe for the next 2 weeks and if they still decide not to show ads in my blogs I think I will have to remove them from my blog.

Anyway Chitika Earnings is just a support from my other blog earnings. So it will not hurt me that much.

So do you experience the same or do you have a tremendous increase in your ecpm. ? Let me know some feedback from you guys. In other note, I just receive infolinks earnings.

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  • […] writing about the drastic drop of chitika earning I have decided to totally remove their ads today. They have actually put my blogs into further […]

  • […] writing about the drastic drop of chitika earning I have decided to totally remove their ads today. They have actually put my blogs into further […]

  • Same on my end. I went down from 12,000 impressions down to 300, and of course proportionally my earnings. In addition 5 on my most visited websites got banned on Chitika, after 1 year generating revenue.
    I suspect there is something to do with YPN.

    I found some alternative and will give a try. I got some positive feedback about it.
    Here is the link to register: https://publisher.smowtion.com/users/signup/sales8
    Please note, this is my referral link and it will be better to register under it. In this case you will get 80% share. If you will go directly you will get 60% share.
    Any other alternatives are welcome.

    • @SEO Web Directory,
      Thanks for the informatin, But for now I think I cannot use this one, I would rather improve my adsense income. What i would like is to have an alternative to chitika where it does not show up in my regular viewer but shows only to US Traffic

  • I’m in the same position – gone from 1500 ad impressions a day down to 3!

    Anyone know of any good alternatives to Chitika?

    • @Lee,

      I don’t know if we do something wrong, or we forget to do something.

  • sa akin, bumaba din. sobra. aalisin ko na yung code nila kapag di nagbago in 1 week.

    • @marhgil,
      Oo nga eh.. talaga bagsak sa akin.. tama ka roon kapag di sila nagbago bye bye na.. pampabagal na lang sila ng site.

  • Yung sa akin ay bahagyang tumaas. Pinadalhan nila ako ng letter na ilagay sa may bandang itaas ang Chitika ads. Ginawa ko na, observe ko lang. May napansin ko lang nung una, when I place Chitika above the fold, nag-increase ang earning ko by 200% pero nag-drop naman ang Adsense. Pero kahit tumaas ang Chitika, mas malaki pa rin ang Adsense kahit bumagsak.

  • sa akin di ko alam kung tumaas ba ang impression dahil di ko natingnan. Ang alam ko lang ay tumaas ang aking income ng kunti.

    • @SElboy,
      Yung sa akin , impression at income bumagsak ng todo,, funny kasi ngayon 5 lang ang impression ko kahapon.. baka na banned nila yung site ko .. hmm.. pero bakit saby sabay naman.. ? need to investigate.

  • sa akin decreased din… 🙁

    • @ikogsakanding | BLOG FOR NOOB,

      Ayaw sa atin ni chitika.. kelangan gumawa ng ibang pagkakakitaan.. 🙂

  • I experienced a drastic increase in my chitika earnings 😀

  • With yesterday’s earnings standing at a paltry $0.06 it would seem the time is counting down when I will have to remove the Chitika code.

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