How To Earn From the Telenovela & Philippine Television

We cannot argue that Filipino people are television lovers, and what does that means? It only means that Filipinos who have access to the Internet specially in office will tend to search some information regarding their favorite shows. I must admit that when Pinoy Big Brother 1st edition was aired I always check the result in the net since TFC is delayed in airing the result.

So based on my observation there are some bloggers who got this idea and made a blog referring to different recent television fiasco.

How to earn from Television Shows ?

  1. Know what is the most popular Television show in your place.
  2. try to Google, If there is a blogger that tries to make a blog about it .
  3. If none proceed immediately to or and try to make your own blog. It would be preferred that your blog will have the keyword about the show. ( by Rhodilee )
  4. try to research about your topic and try to blog about it.
  5. Any information that will lead to your Topic will be great.
  6. After completing the information, Try to market your blog by asking your blogger friends to blog about your new project.
  7. Another type is to try to comment on blogs which is related to your chosen show
  8. Then monetize your blog, you can do it by Google Adsense and Widget Bucks.
  9. Research for SEO techniques on how to get # 1 in Google
  10. Implement it. And update your blog. I am pretty sure that those fanatics will always come back at your site. Not to mention you are helping your ” Kababayan ” caught in Philippine Road Traffic 🙂

Here are some blogs about Philippine Television


What about the CPC for this Philippine Television Niche

According to some bloggers blogging about it. The CPC and CPM is low. But the opportunity of having new visitors to your site is big.

IF CPM and CPC for Philippine television Niche is Low How will this help to earn more?

It is for sure that the site will make lots of visitors. Now I suggest trying to market your other blog from this blogs. Put some headers and link to your tech blog.. This will give you a chance to increase unique visitors. Do you think that this visitor only like Television? My answer is a Big NO. They might be interested into other topics also. The bouncing Rate will be about 80%. So if you have 1000 unique visitor there is still a possibilities to get 200 unique visitor into your other site. Just be sure that your link is in visible place. Top most left is the suggested location.


Why don’t you try and share your experience with us.

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