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Philippine Online Banking : Is it safe ?

Sep 18, 2007 by     18 Comments    Posted under: Philippines

One of the fast growing scenario in the Internet is buying online and making business online, But one could have a question on which Bank or Company could be trusted? I have made a list of banks in Philippines and their links to their online transactions. I have made a list , links and experience with this banks as follows :

Metrobank Philippines

I have been using Metrobank for almost 3 years in doing Online Banking transactions and all seems to be fine. I did not encounter any problem with them. Except that they turn off the third party enrollment due to Online Phishing. But its a great move. I feel safe in using their online banking.

Citibank Philippines 

My experience in Citibank is by using their online banking for their Credit Card. I can check my Balance and Payment made thru online. They also support Payment system thru their online Banking. I feel safe in using their online banking.

PNB ( Philippine National Bank ) 

I don’t have experience at this bank. You may check their site for additional information


I don’t have experience at this bank. You may check their site for additional information

BPI ( Bank of the Philippine Island )

I don’t have experience at this bank. You may check their site for additional information


I was using Chinabank online before to check and transfer money form an account to another account. They also support payment Online, To enable you to pay your debts and Utilities Online

Equitable PCI Bank

I have tried to used their service before and I may say that I did not experience problem with their online system . Except that if you are an OFW and working far from Philippines you will having a hard time to get your password if in case you forget it. Which is good for us. I feel safe in using their online banking.

BDO ( Banco de Oro )

They have also a simple interface that is being used in online system. You can apply to have an online PIN thru their branches which is commonly seen in SM Supermarket. Payment can also be made thru their Online Banking.

United Coconut Planters Bank

I don’t have experience at this bank. You may check their site for additional information

RCBC ( Rizal Commercial banking Corporation )

I don’t have experience at this bank. You may check their site for additional information


My experience in this bank is using their Credit Card system, At that time I am checking my balance thru emailing their Customer service. And since I am abroad they are replying to me after some verification question. Although this might be dangerous since you do not know where this information goes. Anyway I did not have any problem wit them.

Standard Chartered Bank Philippines

I don’t have experience at this bank but their online information

Is there any additional Bank which you think should be included in the list. At present I am using Metrobank.

Almost all this bank is working fine in I-explore and not in Fire Fox.

I would like to know your experience on the above mentioned banks. This aims to help others to feel comfortable in doing online transactions and Business. I just hope that Paypal is available in Receiving and sending money to and from Philippines. You may put the advantage and disadvantage of the Technology being used in Online Banking.

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  • @ Monalika82

    Here are my experience..

    Billing.. I have been doing about 2 years in online billing.. and never had any problem on it..

    Online shopping .. never tried before except when I purchase domain name at dot.ph and godaddy.. all seem to be working fine..

    Dexter’s last blog post..To My Dear Subscribers, Let Me Know What You Expect

  • Internet banking for sure is easy and fast to work with.
    As it can be dome from home its many times referred as home banking. But leaving information of your credit cards is not so easy to do. For sure shopping and sending gifts is real comfort with e-shopping, even the billings and details can be checked online the same moment. But at the second thought is it that safe? Can anyone tell me in percentage to depend on it?

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  • @Paetechie

    Welcome at my blog.. You seldomly post on your blog but the archives is interesting..

    And you are right security is not just a feeling.. But the problem how do we know :

    what’s working inside the bank portal ?

    MAybe you wanna share it thru your blog and put thelinks here…Sounds interesting.. For us to know where to be careful.

  • security is not just a feeling, you need to know what’s working inside the bank portal. part of my job is to monitor security incidents as well as to recommend and implement security measures

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  • @derek

    Beware of credit card.I just finished payment all my credit card last May and never think of renewing any of their service.. credit card is a headache

  • Thanks jun for your nice information about HSBC and Chinabank.. I might try opening an account when I got back to philippines.

    Before when I use to have an account in Chinabank.. They still don’t have online service 🙂

  • I think it’s safe as long as you own the PC you are using to access these online services…

    HSBC… They’ve made some improvements but still slow and has a client-side check for idle time. It should be on the server-side. This is problematic when you got a slow connection.

    Chinabank… Great! Very easy to use and got lots of useful services. But they got some fault on minimum balance email alert though. As if they were batched and schedule and no date/time when the balance was retrieved (i.e., not real time). This might cause some misunderstanding.

    BTW. I cannot access chinabank online for a week now. Anyone got the same problem?

  • for me online banking is such a very convenient application and I have no bad experience or whatsoever using their services.

    I have tried equitablepci, citibank for my credit card and BDO. All of them are very reliable.

  • I think it is a problem since only ofw is allowed to open US $100 but why don’t you convert your cheque into peso.. And deposit it to your account. I am getting my cheques in Saudi Riyals since I am at Saudi. In that sense I don’t have to open a dollar account only.

  • hmm.. interesting. I have a question though as to what Philippine bank has the lowest minimum rate for dollar accounts. RCBC is at %500 which is way off my current earnings. I’m currently using my mom’s account to cash out on my earnings (yay my adsense check!) and I want to do it under my own name.

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