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  • I want to get proxy. Help me.

  • If you need to access the games, Facebook, try this:

    Lets say the game is MouseHunt

    1. The address is (apps.facebook.com/mousehunt). Add new to the address. Example: apps.new.facebook.com/mousehunt.

    2. Change the address to https:// instead of http://

    Hope it helps.

    • @May BE Helps…..,

      It works but it is still redirected to http:// thanks for the tip

      • @Dexter Panganiban, so how do u get passed?

  • i need to no how to get to face book from my school computer because every thing i try is not working aint no proxys working ….((hold wat is a proxy??)) but every thing i type in is not working ant suggestions

  • get me through my schools proxy plz

  • A thru proxy solution is http://www.thruproxy.com 🙂

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