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My Timeless Post a Reason in Removing Date Stamp

Jan 7, 2008 by     2 Comments    Posted under: Random Post

I have been reading some blog post of known blogger in the blogosphere and I have noticed something. When I try to see the date, I can’t find it anywhere, except from the comment section. So upon searching the reason why and what is the reason of doing this. I have seen corymiller.com post about it that he also learn from dailyblogtips.com.

Since most of my post here are not seasonal post which deals with Tips , Techniques , SEO etc. I will also try to use this methodology and see what is the result.

It is an experience that when I checked and see it as an old post ( even if it is a good information ), I will not link to it because I am thinking that I am already late to link. So it will just end up of nothing.

My reason in removing the dates as follows :

  1. I believe that most of my post can be used not only this days but in the future as a tip for all those bloggers that has been predicted by Karlo
  2. I believe that those bloggers would be likely to link to my archive post if my post will looks new and not old post.
  3. As what was experience by Darren Rowse there is more probability of linking to your post if it looks fresh.
  4. I can link to my old post and it will still look like a fresh post even I wrote it 6 mos ago.
  5. If the post is not a newsy type I think there is no problem of removing the time Stamp.

Anyway this is still on an experimental stage. Let us see if I could receive link love from my post from the past. To all that gives link love to this blog this past days . I can only say Thanks You guys.

Karlo : Lestat : derixc : Eli : Eam : Allen

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  • Ha ha but it will not be good to your SEO.. It will always make you ERROR 404 he he he.. but anyway you always have a redirection

  • Another thing you can do is to edit the timestamp. Bring back your old posts back in front. ^_^ hehe

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