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Nitaqat System | How To Check Company Category?

Dec 3, 2011 by     No Comments    Posted under: Random Post

Saudi Arabia is now implementing a labor system for the expat. The system is called Nitaqat, where in each expat will be classified as Red, Yellow and Green, depending on the percentage of Saudi in the company. Millions of expat employees are checking their category. It is not good to be under red category since there is a possibility of not renewing the national ID or Iqama. That would possibly turn to going back going back to the country of origin.

The best color is green, since it will give security for the employer and employee. And there are more advantages for being under green company. Saudi Arabia is now increasing the use of Information technology. Now, they let the expat know their category through their website. Check this link for more information and guidance on how to check the category. [ Check Nitaqat Category Color ]

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