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Palarong Olimpiko 2008 sa Beijing

Aug 8, 2008 by     6 Comments    Posted under: Random Post

Palarong Olimpiko 2008 sa BeijingOk I am now updating this post.. There are lots of News that tackle about the Olympic Games, There are Awesome Torch Lighting – Awesome! this is what they can say to those who attended the Ceremony which can also see in this post [ Watch 2008 Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony Video replay online ] , There are lots of Keywords used for this Every 4 years event’s and what of those where Palarong Olimpiko 2008 sa Beijing , Palarong Olimpiko 2008 is a Tagalog Terminology that pertains to 2008 Beijing Olympics.

As what I have told before I just hope that there will be Filipino whom will be awarded with Gold, Silver or even Bronze Medal. A Filipino Medalist will be pride of the Philippines.

I know that this blog is a tech blog, but however due to the Olympic season I have made some post on how technology is being used in such an occasion like this. I have made post regarding 2008 Olympic Medal Count – Latest Results , in which I know will be of great help to other fellow searcher of the Ongoing Olympics results. I have also shared some information regarding ways to Watching Beijing Olympics LIVE On The Web and also how Michael Phelps’ and Jason Lezak in a 4×100m freestyle relay , tried to win their gold.

“ Palarong Olimpiko 2008 sa Beijing “ will be part of the history of Philippines. Although there are times that we cannot hit the Gold, I know that in future we can make it. I remember the days when Onyok get the prize. Everybody is happy. I just hope that before the end of the Olympic Games Schedule there will be some News that Filipino got some achievement on the concluded “ Palarong Olimpiko 2008 sa Beijing “.

Here are some Links that you may want to find

Mabuhay to all Filipino athlete that trained hard just to bring glory to Philippines. For You are all a Winner

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  • hello dexter..

    the olympics just ended.. balik na naman sa dati ung traffic ko in a few more days…

    anyway, di ko naisip gumawa ng tagalog title sa post ah..hehehe..kumusta traffic from the tagalong keywords?

    • Mahina.. I just used this keyword kasi yung Google Images directed sa keyword na ito which last for about 10 days kaya maganda ang naging traffic

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  • i hope you will make your service more efficient.. thanks!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Would you like to share some points how could i improve my service or information provided. It will be much appreciated

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