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The Day When Riyadh Becomes Orange

Mar 10, 2009 by     4 Comments    Posted under: Random Post, Saudi

I just like to share this pictures taken about 4 hours ( March 10,2009 ) ago when I am heading home. A Heavy sand storm Hit Riyadh Saudi Arabia today. In my 6 years of stay in Riyadh Saudi Arabia, I have never experienced this one. I am posting it here just to remember that once I experienced a very heavy Sand Storm in Riyadh.

Sand Storm in Riyadh 

Sand Storm in Riyadh

Sand Storm in Riyadh

 Sand Storm in Riyadh

after 4 hours , sandstorm is still there but not as heavy during about 12:30 PM.

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  • Wow! terrible weather. I can’t imagine if it happens here in the philippines. Most vehicles here doesn’t have windows… 🙂

    Thank God It doesn’t happen here in the philippines.

  • Yeah, amazing weather …

    Khaleds last blog post..Sandstorm over Riyadh video

    • @Khaled,
      Nice to see you comment here khaled, I have seen your blog to be informative, I visit it often to see what is new in Saudi.. In fact I am about to start my blog within this blog to talk about Saudi Tech and Great Place >> https://www.techathand.net/saudi

      It was really an amazing weather

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