Travel Tips When Going Abroad Via Gulf Air

The night before my flight I am looking for some information where I have had a hard time finding answer so here are my queries with answers based from my recent flight. I have been traveling yearly for about 7 years so I might as well give some tips and FAQ for my readers and for my reference in my next travel:) .

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Travel FAQ

  • What is the maximum weight of Luggage in kg Can I carry ?

Well if you are traveling from Philippines to Bahrain you can carry about 25 Kg per Passenger + 7 Kg of Hand Carried Bags and If you are traveling from Bahrain to Philippines sometimes they are allowing passengers to have 30 Kg per Passenger. Weight of Personal Gadgets such as Laptop , Camera and others is not included on the 7 Kg Maximum Hand Carried Bags.

  • Do infants are eligible for luggage ?

Yes they are, They also have the same allotted luggage weight as adults.

  • What is the Maximum Single Weight of your Luggage ?

The maximum weight should be not more than 32 Kg or else you will be forced to open you bags and remove the excess weight. They are strict in this matter.

  • Are we allowed to bring liquid Items ?

You are only allowed to have a maximum of 100 Ml for any liquid items that you will bring. and you have to put it in a clear and visible pouch bag.

Additional Tips for Travelers

  1. Be sure that your hand carried bags does not contain sharp objects, It will only be confiscated.
  2. For Men Travelers : It is better to wear polo with pocket for easy handling of your travel documents
  3. Upon Check in, Tell the staff to place you near the front of the plane and in the isle.
  4. Be sure to bring your Membership Card or else points will not be accumulated. If you really forget it don’t throw your boarding Pass, Scan it and send it to them.
  5. Don’t forget to pray 🙂

Hope this info will help my readers and others searching for travel information.

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