VOIP Blocking in Dubai

It is a sad news from itp.net to our friends based in Dubai Free Zone since After January 30, users based in Dubai Free Zone and Emaar properties will not be able to call phone lines from their PCs via services such as Skype. An excerpt of the news is copied below from here . I do hope Philippines will not follow the same with Dubai.

DIC Telecom to follow Etisalat’s VoIP blocking lead
by Matthew Wade

After January 30, users based in Dubai Free Zone and Emaar properties will not be able to call phone lines from their PCs via services such as Skype.

The telco provider that supplies internet services to users based in Dubai’s Free Zone and Emaar residential buildings, DIC Telecom, will block voice over internet protocol (VoIP) phone calls from the end of this month.
The move, briefly outlined in an SMS message to customers yesterday, is being made in order to comply with the UAE regulator’s instructions.
The full text of the SMS sent reads: “As per TRA instructions, starting Jan 07 we will prevent the ability to make PC to phone internet VoIP calls. For queries, call Customer Care on 04 390 5555.”
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      @Witopia personnalVPN,

      Is there a free VPN service or cheaper than $40 perhaps? Last time I was in Dubai I wasn’t able to make any VoIP calls and I use Onesuite.com to call US and the Philippines.

      $40 though is too much for me especially if I don’t make that too many calls and I don’t stay too long on the phone.

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    Yahoo messenger, Skype, Microsoft Messenger and Vonage offer a subscriber the ability to “call” someone using Softphone / ATA / Gateway / IP Phone / IAD. However, several ISPs are blocking or degrading this service in order to force a consumer to use a ISP sponsored service. States such as the UAE block this technology outright while US corporations, such as Clearwire, claim that they might degrade the quality of competing services by adding choppy and delayed services.
    SpeedVoIP is a leader in circumventing VoIP blocking imposed by ISP or Telco. For vision of Net Neutrality, VoiceGuard® is created to address a growing number of ISPs who either degrade or block voice services over their networks. VoiceGuard® gives choice back to the subscribers or customers of ITSP.

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