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Well I have been invited to make a review for a site that has a PR7 rank. The review below shows how I see the site as a first time visitor and suggestion are made with an aim to help the webmaster on having a user friendly interface for the users and Visitors. is a site that has a very strong PR7 web site dedicated to providing real and unbiased customer reviews of major web hosting companies.

Below are my suggestion and Comments , Feel free to comment about it

1)  Search Box

The webmaster should provide a search box on the upper right hand of his site. If a user come at their site for the first time and is searching for a review of a hosting company, A user will have hard time to find it out.

The search box should also contain filters of the price range that a certain hosting company may have. I can say that they aim to provide real and unbiased customer reviews of major web hosting companies .

2) User Interface

WebhostingI tried to enroll on their site and try submitting a web hosting reviews in Customer Hosting Reviews part of the website, at first I have a hard time in locating the submit button since it is located on the upper right corner which has a small font. People who would like to visit this site want also to give their opinion, So I believed that making the submit button embedded in image or a bigger font will make it easier for a submitter to make his comments.

3) User Review

It would also be great if in the review page , the person reviewing the hosting company can provide his URL, If a consumer has a positive or negative review on any web hosting company one should prove that they are really using the service and not just telling something bad about the service.

4) About Page is a review site, it is therefore necessary to make an about page telling history of the site to give more confidence to the reader that this site has really a fair and an unbiased reviews.

5) Ads Placement

I would suggest to provide a Link Ads form from Google if they want to have an additional income and put it in between header and the body

6) Suggestion about Site SERP

I believed that their site has been optimized for Google SERP, I would also suggest to work on Yahoo SERP since their site is nowhere to be found in Yahoo with their chosen keywords.

7) Suggestion in Domain Site Protection

One way to protect your site brand is to get the other site extension that you have.I have seen that the .info, .org, .mobi, .biz, & .us extension are still available in the market, If I were the owner of the site I will rush to a domain registration company such as godaddy and take those other address and redirect it to his website. Just one way to protect one’ site.

Additional Information

The site has a great resources of different web hosting articles which aims to provide information to blogger’s, Webmasters and other information which a researcher would find it as a great resources.

A word from the site administrator

I have another site coming up soon – Feel free to visit the article section at to get the inspiration for your blog posts 🙂

I just hope that this review of mine help them study on what might new visitors will be thinking upon entering their site.

It will also be great if you could give some suggestion for this site, just leave your comment and let us share information with each other.

Dexter Panganiban

Dexter is a person who loves technology,new gadget, SEO, Social Media and Christianity. Follow him at twitter via @techathand and add him @ Google+ and contact us at [email protected]

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