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According to the recent official blog post of Google, they informed that they have rolled out a Google Update called “Fresh“, Google Fresh updates will apparently affect about 35% of the search results. We have not yet felt the recent change of Google Algorithm but we will surely watch the changes. There are also some post that says time stamp will definitely play a major role on this update since Google fresh aims to give fresh results in the SERP. As an update to this blog, I have now reinstated my time stamp, which I deleted since year 2008. I have stated  before for a reason as shown here.

You may see Search Engine Watch recent post noting that “groupon ipo” search results shows fresh results from the serp. The latest of the result is only a day old.

If it is really true that Google will give weight on the freshness of the result, I think blog and News site will benefit from this and those with old post that are ranking on a certain product will definitely be affected. But of course I still believe that Google will continue to watch the content of  blogs.

With all this Google update it is clear that Google wants to give their user a great experience on searching the recent result of user search.

I will post updates on this blog about any other information that I might find valuable to our readers.

So did you see any changes in your blog rankings because of this update ?

Dexter Panganiban

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    Lol, di ko na nauupdate blog ko at ngayon ngayon lang… may mga ibang blog din kasi na inaasikaso at sobrang busy sa work… ^^ at bagsak ang main blog ko dahil dun

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    Nice! I tried searching for groupon ipo and yes you’re right, most of the results are just few hours or few days old! This recent update looks so exciting for me. 🙂

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      Thanks for your thought. I am glad that i bring back the dates after years of removing it. And hope it will help increase traffic and make as a shield for the recent Google Algorithm Update

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