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SEO Organization Philippines Presents MORCON 2011

Nov 2, 2011 by     14 Comments    Posted under: SEO Tips

First of all let me inform you that I am a member of the SEO Organization Philippines and just recently they have manage to held a conference to all their member. But unfortunately I could not come since I am in Saudi Arabia. So I would like to share you the post and topic as copied from Tristan, The links will give you lots of information about what happen in Mastering Online Ranking Conference (MORCon) 2011

  • Website Audit – Site Analysis and Reporting by Sheila Dela Pena, Online Marketing Junior Manager, Directwithhotels.com
  • How to build an Authority Site by Ed Pudol, CEO,Lexorsoft.net
  • From Local SEO to International SEO Strategies by Benj Arriola, 2007 SEO World Champion, InternetMarketingInc.com
  • Viral Marketing Strategies and Content Generation by Jason Acidre, Marketing Consultant of Doubledot Media, Founder & CEO of Xight Interactive, KaiserTheSage.com
  • Surprise Juicy Internet Marketing Topics by Myles Vives, COO of WebsiteTrafficAttraction.com
  • Social Media Ninja Tactics by Ester Del Fierro,Directwithhotels.com, Online Marketing Manager
  • How to Bulletproof your Content and Survive any Algorithm Change by Kim Tyrone Agapito, KimoftheWorld.com and ArticleScholar.com
  • SEO Mistakes to Avoid by Mark Acsay, SEO Consultant,WebbyThoughts.com
  • Pay Per Click Strategies by Juanito Jacela, PPC Strategist,CellConversion.com
I hope this links will help you more in understanding Search Engine Optimization . Be informed that I have not yet completely viewed all the slides. So what are your thoughts about the presentation. Perhaps the Presenter might be able to answer after seeing our backlinks to their site.

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  • I also am not able to attend that event. Maybe next year, lets all be there. XD I am envious of those who were able to get there. Those slides are really packed with golden info’s. \m/

    • @Hideki,

      Yeah. we need to be there next time.. and learn form the masters 🙂

  • may video/slide ba na pwedeng mapanood? ang gaganda pa mandin ng mga naka-outline na topic, at super bigatin pa ung mga speakers… 🙂

    • @metalpig,

      Sa tingin ko wala kasi exclusive to members ang event

  • may video po ba kahit yung mga presentation lang ng mga speakers? dapat po sana meron para it will serves as a teaser for next year.

    • @kapitan,

      Di ko pa rin nakikita yung video, buit i think kung may video man, i rerestrict nila ito sa member kasi exclusive to members ang event na ito..

      • @Dexter Panganiban, really? me bayad po ba pa-member sir?

      • @kapitan,

        Meron po,… 1000 pesos per year

  • Sounds interesting…hmmm…thanks for the links … i currently viewing it.

    • @MabZziCLe,

      I think good information can be seen on the slide. But It would be better if we can get hold of the video record of their presentation 🙂

  • Thanks for the mention, Dexter!

    It was one of the special events I’ve attended so far that I really learned a lot in just one day. It was worth it and I’m wanting for more. I do hope you’ll be able to join us next MORCON!

    • @Tristan,

      Welcome Tristan, I just hope I could be there next time, or at least be there on an event while I am in Philippines 🙂

  • I was there, I enjoyed the event so much! Too bad, we were an hour late when we arrived, so we had to find seats at the back part. I hope to see you on the next MORCON 2012, if God’s will! Tnx for sharing! God bless!

    • @JoMi,

      I do hope that next time, God willing I can also participate in SEO Conference with friends online and offline

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