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How to Take Advantage Power of Google Alert

May 27, 2008 by     2 Comments    Posted under: SEO Tips

I have seen new Visitors from my site, which I think brought by Google Alert, So how do I presume that those visitors do come from Google Alerts. It was yesterday when I make post regarding Make Money Online Tips and Blogging Tips and Google Alert catch my post as per my alert. So how to take advantage of it. This are my Tips for doing so.

Think of some keywords that you believed have many people are subscribed via Google Alert, Well me I am subscribed in following keywords :

  1. Make Money Online Tips
  2. Blogging Tips
  3. SEO Tips
  4. Dexter Panganiban
  5. https://www.techathand.net

I have other keyword but as you can see those keywords are those related with my niche , personality and My site. First 3 is about my niche , the 4th is my name to know who is talking about me and the last is to know who is linking at my site.

So since those are my niche, whenever I make post I see to it that I have enough percentage of keyword in my post. I have shared a tools that will be very useful in getting your keyword percentage per post usually having 4% to 8% is good but above it will not be very good.

Your site might not be included as soon as possible in Google SERP but I believe It will be crawled soon by our friendly Google spiders. Another important thing to do is to put your keywords in your site name, and use plug-in that will boost your SEO works.

And you know that New visitors when converted to permanent readers are best source of referrals. Since when they like something about your post they will surely blog about it.

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  • I’ve been using this for months now… and it brings a whole lot of alerts which are useful information and news 🙂

    Jarens last blog post..“IAMVAIO” Campaign

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