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ibog4 Blogger’s Summit and Meet Up

Apr 26, 2008 by     36 Comments    Posted under: Blogging Tips

Just arrived from iblog4 Blogger’s Summit , I met some blogger friends. I am not able to attend 88db.com party since I have to be with my kids. I am out of home for 2 days. Anyway tomorrow I will update this post and my post regarding Trinoma Food Tour.

Good that I have prepared my calling card. 🙂 BTW I won an iblog 4 shirt . Yahooo.

Update : Check for the pictures that i have uploaded here.

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Update : check Janette compilations about iblog4 here and check the pictures that i have uploaded here

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  • […] iblog4 Blogging Summit and Meet Up […]

  • […] iblog4 Blogging Summit and Meet Up […]

  • […] iblog4 Blogging Summit and Meet Up […]

  • […] iblog4 Blogging Summit and Meet Up […]

  • […] iblog4 Blogging Summit and Meet Up […]

  • […] iblog4 Blogging Summit and Meet Up […]

  • […] iblog4 Blogging Summit and Meet Up […]

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  • @ karl

    I have sent my response thru email just check it out.

    @ Rhodilee

    OO nga I saw some Davao Bloggers doon

    Dexter’s last blog post..RSS Awareness Day

  • Waaaa! buti pa kayo naka punta sana makapunta din ako sa sunod na summit.

  • really? what seems to be the problem? do give me your email so that we can talk about it more. really sorry for the hassle dexter.

  • @ karl

    Thanks for showing the greatest pizza that I made :), BTW why I can’t make my username in spot. I think spot should fix this soon

  • dexter! karl to, ang inyong friendly marshall sa TriNoma SPOT Bloggers’ Tour.

    Your pizza is on the homepage of our site. Do take a look. Tinawag ko siyang Dexter’s Pizza. 😀

  • @ Fitz

    nakakataba ng puso yan ah..

    Dexter’s last blog post..WordPress 2.5.1 is out

  • Okay lang na wala akong tshirt… seeing all of you guys in real life was enough reward for me. (naks!) 😀

    Fitz’s last blog post..Inspirational Quotes From Albert Einstein

  • @ Bren

    Glad to see you in person..

    @ Ambo

    Mahiyain ka pala sa personal he he he

    @ Arbet

    Nice to see you in person. I will be also blogging about 2010 prepare ko pa yung site.

    @ Fitz,

    Better luck next time pala 🙂

    Dexter’s last blog post..WordPress 2.5.1 is out

  • Hello guys check the pictures here it’s been uploaded http://www.flickr.com/photos/dexfamily and here is the set http://www.flickr.com/photos/dexfamily/sets/72157604756637877/

    Dexter’s last blog post..WordPress 2.5.1 is out

  • […] iblog4 Blogging Summit and Meet Up […]

  • […] iblog4 Blogging Summit and Meet Up […]

  • Hi Dex. It’s nice to know you in person. See you again and your wife next year!

    Ambo’s last blog post..iBlog4 Experience

  • […] iblog4 Blogging Summit and Meet Up […]

  • Nice meeting you too. I have your card he he. Enjoy the rest of your stay here!

    Arbet’s last blog post..Sumilao, Calatagan, and social justice in the Philippines

  • Hi Dex. All of us won a t-shirt too except Fitz “the lucky guy” haha. Nice meeting you and your wife.

    Ambo’s last blog post..Event : 2008 World Pyro Olympics Sets on May

  • ako rin nanalo ng shirt eh…

    paemail nlang po some pix.. thanks


    Bren’s last blog post..JE # 63 – How You Treat God

  • @ Fitz

    Ibibigay ko.. ayusin ko lang .. ibigay ko sa yo ang link.. hayaan mo di kita idedemanda he he he 🙂

    @ Azrael

    Maybe next year kasi I will be going back to Saudi.

    Dexter’s last blog post..I Finally Have a Flickr Pro Account

  • hi dexter!
    thanks for subscribing!
    hope i can meet you in person on future bloggers event

    Azrael’s last blog post..Free Comic Book Day at Comic Odyssey,Robinsons Galleria – LIVE IN ONLINE VIDEO STREAM ( May 3, 2008)

  • Hi Dex. It was nice to finally meet you. Gulat ako, matangkad ka pala… hehe. Pahingi akong kopya ng pictures mo! 😀

    Fitz’s last blog post..What Everybody Ought To Know About Money

  • @ Janette Toral

    It is also our pleasure to meet you.. Hope I will be here also for iblog5

    Dexter’s last blog post..ibog4 Blogger’s Summit and Meet Up

  • Hi Dexter. Great to finally meet you and your wife. Thank you for taking time to be part of iBlog4.

    Janette Toral’s last blog post..The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs in 2008

  • @ Maki

    Great that you have fun there.

    @ sodiq osen


    Dexter’s last blog post..ibog4 Blogger’s Summit and Meet Up

  • i love this site

  • Congrats on winning a shirt! 😀 iBlog4 was really educational and fun!

    I just arrived from 88db.com’s party. Lots of fun moments there..especially for the winner of the PSP..hehehe

    Maki’s last blog post..The Twittersphere for 2008-04-25

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