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Search Engine Optimization Experience

Sep 1, 2010 by     14 Comments    Posted under: SEO Tips

Search Engine Optimization ExperienceHow to get a Web Traffic that will definitely let you earn money from ads or affiliates that you promote. ?

I am always getting email asking me if I need an SEO specialist in order for me to be in Google Top Page. maybe when they are trying to search Google , there are times that they got stumble into my pages where I am telling them that I love SEO. Search Engine Optimization is really cool, Some says that they use black hat, grey hat, white hat or any other  color of hat. For me automation of things in order to go to Google Top 1 is not black hat. It is just a smart way of doing things in SEO industry. Black Hat is something like deceiving the searchers with things that cannot really deliver.

I have never done any SEO Consultation to any company or organization but I have done a lot with my own site. If I will charge fees for SEO Work it will definitely not be lower on how much I am earning nowadays in all my online ventures. And definitely I will charge a monthly fee in order to maintain my work. I don’t think that an SEO’d site will not need any maintenance. SEO is evolving and is constantly changing. Specially nowadays that Google is seeing competition with Facebook.

Doing SEO in any site is not easy, even lot’s of SEO Professional is saying it is only easy. Making SEO needs lots of time and also timing, SEO involves on site optimization and Off site optimization. It involves also proper link building as well as research.

But put it in mind that not all back links are good. There are back links which is only good for generating traffic and not good for increasing Google’s visibility. That is why I told a while ago that research is important. Not all low competition keywords is easy to optimized. When you make any optimization do not think that the things you are doing is just as easy as eating cake.

I still believe that formulating your own checklist will also help you a lot whenever you do keywords optimization. The Key is keyword planning. You need to plan to get to Google Top post.

Observation is also one of the important things to do, you need to observed Google results and see whatever gold mine that you could get from those links and sites in front of you.

Being a member and being friendly with other SEO Practitioner will also help a lot in your learning process. Be a member of SEO Forum.

Search Engine Marketing is also a must in your way up to Google and Web Traffic.

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  • could you give us tips in finding “keyword hijack” or to optimize.

  • I think you are right observation and a lot of hard work is needed for doing SEO for any website.

    • @Shiva | Top Infographics,

      You know what they say, hard-work is the key towards success.

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  • I never really bothered myself with SEO when I first started out blogging, but now I truly see the power and importance of it, if you want your blog to reach the top of the mountain…

    • @William K Wallace,

      Yup.. thru SEO we can really achieve our objectives in blogging, whether it is for branding or marketing

  • Dexter, as an enthusiast, you might be interested in this press release that came out today: http://www.prlog.org/10909416-seo-workers-expands-its-offering-to-sxo.html

  • Great article! Very good post, its true SEO can be quite a challenge but the results can be dramatic for a site’s performance. High quality links are vital for serp ranking.

  • Good points, Dexter. I certainly agree that keyword research is the cornerstone of any decent SEO strategy.

    Like you, I am not an SEO consultant, per se. I limit my SEO advice to my clients to a simple, “You really need to hire a professional SEO”. I am but a student. 😉

    A friend pointed out your piece to me, because it seemed to be tied to SXO, which is a passion of mine. SXO is Search Experience Optimization, which is the optimization of the ENTIRE user experience, from initial search query all the way through conversion. Briefly stated, it’s a combination of SEO and CRO.

    I think we’re going to be experiencing some major changes to the way we have to address our SXO efforts over the next year or two. I’ve addressed them in the last couple of posts on my blog.

    • @DocSheldon,

      This is the first time I heard about SXO , I think it is a good concept. As an SEO Enthusiast I always want to learn from my mistake and experience. I don’t usually rely with free e-books which will only tell you generic information. 🙂 .

      Yeah I believe SEO and SXO will have lots of changes for the coming years, since it seems that Google is having some threats with other site, one of them might be facebook.

      They might be strong today but they may not be strong always.

      The only permanent thing in the world is ” CHANGE ”

      BTW thanks for comment and visit

  • @ sir Dex,
    Great article about your SEO experience!
    And yes, creating quality links takes alot of time but the results are also great! 🙂

    • @ariston | make money writing articles,

      Agree 100%, Good quality links last longer than over night link bombing 🙂

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  • Hi Dexter, thank you for great post. You are absolutely right, especially building quality backlinks to our site is a time-consuming process.

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