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SEO Tips : Search Engine’s Factor from the Experts

Aug 22, 2009 by     22 Comments    Posted under: SEO Tips

Have you ever wonder how known SEO practitioner thought about how to top Google SERP ? , I believed that the picture shown below will give you an idea on how to top the search in addition to the post I made just a while ago regarding In Content Links .

Google Algorithm is really top secret but at least we have guides as shown below from the experts in this field.

Componentss of Google's Ranking Algoriithm

Trust Authority of the Host Domain got the highest percentage among others. But I think they forget to mention about the research part of SEO. It is hard to do SEO if you don’t research on what you are doing. So you better allow some percentage for the research . How much I don’t know.

But in General I think I agree with the content of the Google Algorithm picture above. And I saw that some of that factors is not part of my strategy , so better apply it and have a better Search Engine Ranking ( SERP ).

Picture Source [ seomoz.org ]

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  • Thanks sir…. it really helps me a lot… i am anewbie in blogging…

  • Wow, great article – fantastic break down of the Google algorithm. Superb. Thank you

  • and this is the reason why new sites/blogs do not rank high for the first 3 months. They lack the 3/4’s of the graph…

  • Great article and easy to understand Google algorithm diagram. Another point is “Total posts of a blog”. I have seen a blog with thousand posts with 6 months old age only can easily beat a normal SEO optimized personal domain owner blog. Because above diagram won’t work without many quality contents.

    • @Alvin Lim,
      In a way yes , but there are also niche blogs that rans well in SERP even they have only few contents.

      • @Dexter Panganiban, So very true. Honestly, it really depends on the niche and how they handled their linkbuilding. The content may or may not be a huge factor, depending on the niche that you’re targetting, I think.

      • @Noah | Internet Marketing,

        I must agree.. content really target your possible long time reader.. but if one just want money for a particular day as an example is the fight results , MMA results etc.. it is usually full of keywords only and not with content….

        Better do a pilar content and promote it and apply SEO as mentioned above

  • @sir Dex,
    So trust/authority of host domain is the biggest factor followed by link popularity… Maybe I’ll stick on blogspot blog(own by big G)!

    Thanks for sharing! 😀

    • @ariston | money-tise online,

      But sometime the age of domain name is also being considered 🙂

      • @sir Dex,
        Yeah, that’s true.. seen some older blogs (3-4 yrs) and they have higher PR (from G & Alexa) even if there’s not much contents on it.

      • @ariston | money-tise online,

        I must agree, and one thing I have notices those old blogs that you are saying with higher PR and small content is only focus on a certain subject. So the focus of the blogs also counts in SERP

      • @sir Dex,
        yeah, not only high in PR, but some of them are also high in the SERPs.

        SEO is good as long as you didn’t overdo it! 🙂

      • @ariston | money-tise online,

        ” SEO is good as long as you didn’t overdo it! 🙂 ”

        Tumpak 🙂

  • Hey!!!
    It’s relevant information for SEO’s around the world or guys who are planning to making money online…
    Thanks for sharing this.

    • @Andrew,

      Your welcome Andrew.. Indeed it is really important to know information about SEO if you want to make more money online

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  • nice post… thanks for sharing…… it helps…

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