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This is a Test Post for Windows Live Writer

Aug 24, 2009 by     4 Comments    Posted under: Daily Stuff

I just want to test if my Windows Live Writer is working fine with my new Toy 🙂 I will blog it soon, I am just very busy with other things

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  • You like live writer? I couldn’t get it to work out when I tried it…

    • @Sammy,

      Yup.. I have been using live writer for a long time.. Have you installed the .NET passport in your machine, sometimes they require additional software from microsoft..

      Live writer will definitely make your blogging life a lot easier than going to dashboard…

      Specially in inserting photos

  • I tried this before but abandoned it because of the following personal reasons:

    1. The output code is not clean
    2. It is not compatible with my CMS.
    3. It offers too much, things I don’t really need.

    Good luck for your use of the Live Writer, I hope you find it useful.

    • @RTFVerterra,

      I have been using Live Writer for about 2 years now, because I got my new machine I am trying to install every program that might be useful in my blogging career 🙂

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