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Report a Facebook Bug and Get a White Hat Debit Card

Jan 1, 2012 by     3 Comments    Posted under: Social Media

facebook hatFaceboook is doing something innovative this year to keep their portals safe and secure from hackers and bugs. Big companies usually give out a monthly pay check for a professional IT person to catch a bug in their system but Facebook is giving away money and recognition for researchers who found bugs in their website even if they are not in their official payroll.

The White Hat Bug Bounty Program intends to give away Visa debit card for people who report a security bridge to Facebook. One bug can make a whole lot of difference in the Internet world. Remember the rumors that Facebook has been hacked a few months ago? The social marketing giant will no longer take second chances.

The White Hat debit card holds a cash value. Plus you can flash it at IT conferences and be proud that you did something good for the company and has been credited for it. One confirmed bug has an equivalent of $500. One researcher was given $5,000 for a single reported bug- it is known to happen. There is no limit on how you can earn for finding bugs on Facebook. You can make serious money out of hunting hackers. One time, a researcher was awarded $2,500 as a bug bounty incentive, but instead of using the money, he gave it to charity and dared Facebook to match the same amount of donation to the charity, Facebook obliged.

Facebook do have plans to make use of the skills and knowledge of bug researchers and give them credit far more than cash incentives in the near future.

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