Famous Philippine Epics

I still remember the days when my teacher teach us about the famous Philippine epics, Philippines is composed of different islands and therefore each of the major location in Philippines has their own famous Philippine epics the Philippine Epic Stories differs from one place to other .

Here are the examples of Philippine Epics :

  1. Biag ni Lam-ang (from the Ilocos region)
  2. Tuwaang ( Bagobo epic story )
  3. Aslon and Ibalon ( Bicol Epic Story )
  4. Epic Story of Aliguyon ( Ifugao Epic Stories )
  5. Maragtas Chronicles of Panay ( Visayan Epic Story )

Do you have other Epic Story .. Share it here and I will add it in my list :) Hope you found your assignment for today .

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  1. ewwerwerrertrtgrThe Legendary Epic of King Gesar


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