Adsense Change Their Minds and Retract the Referral System

It is good to know that Adsense is considering the feedback of their Publishers. That is the reason why they retract their previous announcement of puling out the referral system to those countries not mentioned in their announcement.

And juts today they have change their mind and make the following announcement

The changes to referrals promoting AdSense will now depend on where your users are located, regardless of your location as a publisher. You’ll earn $100 for every user you refer to AdSense who is located in North America, Latin America or Japan when they generate $100 in AdSense revenue within 180 days and they remove all payment holds. You’ll no longer be paid for users you refer who are located elsewhere. These changes will go into effect the last week of January

So wherever you are, As long as you referred from those country mentioned above you will still be part of their referral system. It is better than nothing at all. Although this blog is not earning much in referral system maybe because this blog is still under recovery from the past hack.

There is another changes that was announced by Google and it is the change that they will do about Google Pack and Firefox

Finally, we’d like to let you know about upcoming changes to the referrals programs for Google Pack and Firefox:

  • Google Pack: Currently, you can earn up to $2 when a user downloads and runs Google Pack for the first time after being referred through your link or button. Starting the third week of February, each successful Pack referral will earn up to $1. This change will apply to all referrals for Google Pack and is independent of user location or publisher location.
  • Firefox: We’ll also be reducing payments for Firefox referrals from China during the third week of February. This specific referral payment change will only affect installations from users in China. Again, this is independent of your location as a publisher.

I have experienced to get this referral but sad to say that I only earn $ 0.10 and not $ 2 or even $ 1 maybe those referral come from Philippines. I have not yet implemented any referral system at this blog. But I might consider it as part of my Adsense Optimization Plan.

And the best thing to do is to exercise the Adsense Tips that I mentioned before and analyze it using Click Aider

I first read the news from Yuga.

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  1. 1

    this is a relief..

    last thursday, I sent an email inquiry to googleadsensesupport team regarding the disappearnace of my adsense referral earning and with this new public announcement I’m glad to hear that my referral earning will not disappear like a bubble… heheh..

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