Direct Advertising , Better Than AdSense ?

Michelle copyThis is a question in which lots of bloggers have in mind, Direct Advertising is it better than AdSense ? I have seen some site that is slowly turning away to AdSense and going into Direct Advertising.

Are you willing to remove your AdSense in exchange of Direct Advertising. For me I do , If advertisers are willing to pay 10 times of my present income. Why it’s too much ? Nope it is not nobody knows what will be the future of your site, Visitors is going up as per Google Analytics am I sure that after a year I still have this single digit per day or I will have 2 digit per day :). Who knows. I think If I will have to decide on that matter, I will have to put both but reduce the AdSense and get Direct Advertisers.

Where to get Direct Advertisers ?

Usually Direct Advertisers came from Forums. One forum I know that can give lots of Direct Advertisers with right amount is Digital Point and Site Point. Well I tried doing business in Digital Point but not in Site Point. There is also

I have seen some top sites that get advertiser thru bigger Advertising deal, Big means those advertisers that only advertise in Media Prints or Television. I think you have to prove something before you can get those advertisers. Well I personally don’t know how to get one. Usually those big advertiser go to News Paper Site, or Well known media site who have millions of visitors per month.

Just to inform you those Direct Advertisers link at my homepage and side bar gives more income way far behind AdSense.

Maybe some of you will ask why don’t I put my Advertising Page, Well I am planning to put one but as you can see, I need to first re-arrange my theme or I prefer link advertisers, so that it will not annoy my visitors but does it annoys ?

What are the usual requirements of Direct Advertisers ?

  1. No of Visitors and Page Views
  2. Alexa Rank
  3. Google PR
  4. SERP Position

If I am going to ask you , which do you prefer AdSense or Direct Advertisers. But before doing any direct negotiation it would be better if you PayPal .

Dexter Panganiban

Dexter is a person who loves technology,new gadget, SEO, Social Media and Christianity. Follow him at twitter via @techathand and add him @ Google+ and contact us at [email protected]

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    Direct advertiser is pretty good co’z they pay on time…3 of my blogs has a direct advertiser which is they pay $30-$45 month…not bad..But don’t remove your can help also to your earning..:-)..i earn ads for $200-$300 a month..ahehhe..Don’t tell any body..:D-)

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    Did You Know?

    ako gusto ko rin talaga na may babayad sa akin na direct advertiser. hehe. sayang naman yung 1000-2000 visitors ko per day. hehe. Pero newbie pa ako kasi 2 months pa lang ako sa blogging

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