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Increase Adsense Clicks by Showing Ads at Your desired Category Only

Jul 12, 2009 by     56 Comments    Posted under: Adsense, Site Updates, WordPress Hacks

The probability of you Google Adsense Ads to be clicked is high when the ads being shown with your article is related with each other. So since the Google Adsense CPC or Cost per Click is becoming low nowadays I am trying to do a way wherein I could increase the clicks of my visitors but not to bother the regular visitors who are keep on coming back for information in my blog. So here are the steps I did in order to make my Adsense income more than before 🙂 Hey I still keep on experimenting and I believe this one is worth sharing :

Mica and Kyle

Mica and Kyle

Below you can find the instructions and details about my changes.

Beware : Before doing anything else with your PHP Codes try to back up first your codes { A simple Ctrl A + Ctrl V in the notepad wil do , Better Be Safe than sorry ]

  1. We need to instruct Google Adsense Bot or crawlers on which part should they crawl in our content. And which contents needs to be restricted to the crawler , In my case, since I have mixed content I tried to block Google Adsense crawler in my Header , Sidebar and Footer .. Well I made this one before and blog about it [  Instruct Adsense Crawlers This is for the benefit of new users ] , This will be more applicable with personal blogs in order to show relevant ads in your post.
  2. I need to hide some post in the home page and put it into one category where I can control if I like to show it in the front page or not .. I also blog about it here before [ Check My Post about No Hidden Post ]
  3. Now try to make a new format of Adsense Codes and make sure to properly mark the channel name so that you will be able to track it’s improvement. Remember that tracking is the best way to increase your adsense income.
  4. Identify the category number of that category that you would like to hide from the home page. [ Go to Dashboard > Links ] right click the category and it will give you a number .
  5. After your identification of the category, make a conditional tags in the single page.php where in you will tell your site to run the Adsense ads if the category of the post that will be shown refers to the category that you hide fro the homepage. Here is the syntax of the php code you need to put before the title of your post.
  6. Replace X with the category number and replace “Google Adsense Codes” with the codes that youw will get from Adsense , As an additional tip use the bigger sizes of Square Ads.

  7. This trick will show intrusive Google Adsense ads to those visitors that usually come from the search engine looking for information.
  8. Of course do some ( SEO ) optimization of your post in order to have visitors from the Search Engines . See my SEO Keywords at the side bar under “My other Thoughts” , hey the keywords is free and is already being hijacked by other Pinoy SEO Bloggers 🙂 why don’t you join us and let’s collaborate ..I believe that blogging is a joint effort and all of us should help each other in order to gain more money in this hobby 🙂 .

I am a doing more tweaking and experiments, if you are one of my contant site visitors you might notice some change in my local search results 🙂 .. ooppsss that will be the next blog post topic.. so watch out for it for the mean time try to see if you find something different in my local search results 🙂

56 Comments + Add Comment

  • Eto na naman ako.. hehe nakita ko tong post mo kasi kaka approve ko lang sa adsense.. haha! Di pa ako naka bili ng domain. Naghahanap pa kasi ako ng host na direct to bank ang payment.. =D

    • Wala ka ba credit card?

      • @Dexter Panganiban,

        Wala pa po.. kakawork ko lang dito sa manila at di pa ako regular. hehe.. sobrang strict na pala ng adsense.. na disapprove na ung account ko.. pinaste ko kasi sa blog ng kaibigan ko na personal blog. =(

      • @vesper,

        naku sayang apply ulit pwede pa yan..

      • @vesper,

        Ibang email lang gagamitin but same blog iaapply ko pwde pa ba yun? Tanx!

    • @vesper,

      I prefer na huwag mo ng gamitin yung mga dating blog mo na may adsense na na banned kasi madedetect nila yun…bagong blog na lang ang gawin mo..

      • @Dexter,

        Ah ganun pala un..Gagawa nalang ako ng bago.. Salamat po!

  • Does the script above only works for hidden categories ?

    • @jamz,

      Not really, I just used it in hidden category, but you can use it in categories not hidden

  • Okay lang kahit ngayon ko lang nabasa ito, kesa hindi ko nalaman. Another read & implement. Thanks for sharing. 😉

  • This post is very helpful…..Good work.

  • astig ah kuya dex :)cguro ko tip mo s isa kong blog:)tnx

    • @Ronald,

      Try it.. BTW. It gives good results in my blog .. it increases my earnings.. Try to read other comment in this post. There are some ideas that has been made .. that is worth trying.

  • Grabe ito, very technical. Nawindang ata ako dun. Pag-aralan ko na lang, hehe..

    • @ark,
      Kaya mo yan 🙂 isa yan sa mga experimento ko.. and seem to be great results

  • nice article dex. btw, meron na sa adsense na filtering ng ads to show. No need to add conditions in our templates. Haven’t tried it though.

  • really a good tip sir!! thnx buddy!! nice info :)..

  • aba ayos tong experiment mo ah. musta namna ang result may data ka na ba?

    ako rin nag try mag experiment.. sa adsense.. pero hindi sa positioning sa appearance naman.. specifically ung text font..

    so far mas tumaas ang CTR sa Verdana + Large Font.. combo..

    • @zalds,

      Initially with same pageviews.. CTR increase to .75% to 1% compared last week, I still need to observe .. CPC also increase maybe because the ECPM is increasing since it is not counting the pageviews without Adsense Ads.. I am thinking that it is being Smart Price to higher one..

      In General income increase to additional 20%

      • @Dexter | Tech At Hand Dot Net, 20% improvement.. ayos yan.. let’s see baka its still early to decide..

      • @zalds,

        Oo nga kasi ussualy kailangang mga 2 weeks ang observation period para talagang makikita mo kung ok syan.. I will let you know

  • haay. im wondering kung kelan ba ako magkakaroon ng wordpress blog. kasi pag mron na ako, mas maiintindhan ko na mga topics na ganito. hehehe. btw sir dex, thanks po sa info.

    • @Jerick Mac,

      Kuha na.. ipunin mo lang yang mga tricks na yan.. kapag nagkaroon na balikan at pag-aralan 🙂

      • @Dexter Panganiban, yup! yun po ang plano ko. hehehe. kaso, wala pa po akong pera pangbayad sa monthly fees ng web host for wordpress. hehehe. kaya eto, tyaga muna sa blogspot. 😀

      • @Jerick Mac,
        punta ka sa site ni master Jehz (click mo yong link nya sa taas) tapos sali ka sa mga quiz at puzzle dun… para libre domain tsaka hosting… 🙂

        o libre plug yan ha master Jehz… heheheh

      • @metalpig, yup! nagtatry nga ako dun eh. hehehe, kaso mejo mahirap ang quiz! hehehe.

      • @Jerick Mac,

        KOnting SEO pa. at lalaki din ang adsense.. at magkakaroon ka na rin ng pang hosting.. Tip ko lang hintayin mong mag $9 per year yung dreamhost makakkuha ka agad.. madalas silang mag bagsak presyo

      • @Dexter | Tech At Hand Dot Net, $9/year???? Wow naman! napakaganda offer nun ah. dreamhost nga po ang napupusuan kong applyan kapag may fund na ako. hehehe. thanks po sa info.

        aabangan ko po iyon.. sir, visit nio naman blog ko. then pahingi po ako konting advise kung meron ba ako dapat baguhin or imodify. kahit konti lang po kung may time lang naman kayo.

        thanks po ulet!

      • @Jerick Mac,

        I saw your blog and it seems that you are an advanced user for blogger.

        I think you need to do more seo with a keywords..

        you even used the subdomain of your blog 🙂

  • thanks sir

  • sir i got some error Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING.

    • @Rhea,

      Your blog seems to be fine.. Be sure to use an updated wordpress

  • This post is really helpful. Btw, I suggest that you add a 336×280 in your category.php, kasi sayang yung space. Isang Link Unit lang pag nag bobrowse ako sa category pages ng techathand.net 🙂

    • @Jehzeel Laurente,

      Done.. ha ha ha na miss ko yun ah .. dinamay ko na rin search page ko… thanks a lot Jehz …

      • @Dexter Panganiban, oo nga.. importante din search page.. kagaya ng sa akin. hehehe 😀 Pati 404 page din lagyan mo, in case wala. 🙂

      • @Jehzeel Laurente,

        OO nga nakita ko yung search page mo.. tadtad ng ads.. nagka idea ako mamaya gagawin ko yun.. nasa office ako ngayon…

  • I will try this one for some of my blogs. Kasi yung ibang blogs are intended for making money talaga so it’s better na ilagay na ang ads sa lahat ng pages.
    Good idea and very helpful. Thanks for sharing po!

    • @Jhelo Cruz,

      Yup tama si Jehz.. kailangan walang sayang na lugar.. Parang Real State kailangan lahat may laman 🙂

  • I tried 2 similar experiments before. First I limited Adsense ads to several categories and although it did increase CPC, the number of clicks decreased and so did my total earnings. The second experiment was to show ads to search engine visitors only, but it also lowered my total income.

    Now I’ve simply decided to show ads to everyone, whether repeat visitors or new visitors from search engines. CPC ic a bit lower but the total number of ad clicks is higher so I’m getting higher earnings too.

    • @James | PinoyMoneyTalk.com,

      Thanks for some sharing James .. Actually what I did is to add, Adsense Ads and not replace.. and my experiments seems ok for my site.. since it increase my earnings a bit..

      I do not show square ads above the title before . I only use 480 x 60 .. And what I did is to add Big square ads to those category ussualy visited by Search Engine Visitors..

      And since the CTR is high, I believe that it was smart priced , and the CPC increased than usual

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  • That makes sense, I thought there’s an error in your site because I saw 3 ads with same format below your header – excluding the ad for search. (I think, I have to read some of your old posting…)

    Great info! 🙂

    btw, I add this site(techathand) on my links @ metalpigs.com

    • @metalpig,

      I will add yours later.. at the house.. at home.. I made 3 adsense add links… and at category Random POst I made a big square ads 🙂

    • @metalpig,

      Something wrong at metalpig.com .. it is aasking password

      • @Dexter | Tech At Hand Dot Net, mejo di ko sya maintindihan master..sige nanamnamin ko muna..hehehe

      • @Chris | Crisiboy.Com,

        Kaya mo yan.. mauunawaan mo din yan 🙂

      • @sir Dex,
        you enter the wrong domain… it’s metalpigs.com

        thanx! 🙂

      • @metalpig,

        Added na .. pwede po bang paki palitan yun anchor text ng link ko ” Tech At Hand Dot Net ” . Thanks in advance

      • @ sir Dex,

        Consider it done sir, Thanks! 🙂

        btw, 2 of blogs are pointing on your blog…
        But I have slight problem with my other blog – > blog8blogs.blogspot.com < for the past 3 to 4 days since I put adsense on it, the Page Ranking is gone from PR2 to PR0.
        So, is there's a possibility that big G removed my pagerank when I put the adsense on it?

      • @sir Dex,

        Consider it done sir, Thanks! 🙂

        btw, 2 of blogs are pointing on your blog…
        But I have slight problem with my other blog – > blog8blogs.blogspot.com < for the past 3 to 4 days since I put adsense on it, the Page Ranking is gone from PR2 to PR0.
        Is it possible that big G removed my pagerank when I put adsense on it?

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