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SEO Friendly Way of Linking to Search Page

Jun 26, 2010 by     22 Comments    Posted under: How To, SEO Tips, WordPress Hacks

Are you looking for ways to increase your page views as well as to decrease your bounce rate that you are seeing from your  Google Analytics ? ( The lower the bounce rate the better ). Well I have experimented this technique for a while and it seems to be working for my site.

Actually my goal is to link to a page where my visitor could see the topics that relates to a keywords in my post. There are lots of possible ways to do it.

Some might install a related post plugin , and some might merge a search box inside the post, and some might link to a tag page or Category Page but as for my experiments the best result is to use a link to a search page .

Search page could be made in different ways such as linking to a Google Search results , which I believe is not adding juice in your blog. Although it has a high chance of  showing Google AdSense Ads on the search results, Sometime no ads is showing Up. ( example : SEO Tips ) , thru the example you are linking to a Google Search results page.

How about doing the same thing but directing it to your own site and make sure that there are Google Adsense Ads that will show up , You may use the search function of WordPress as follows : https://www.techathand.net/?s=seo+tips ( Example : SEO Tips ) but did you know that there is a better way of linking to your search page without using ” ?s=seo+tips ” which is not good for SEO because of those ” ?= ” string. So here we are WordPress user could use this SEO Friendly Search syntax :

http://domain-name.com/search/keywords ( example : SEO Tips ) Check the URL upon pressing the links.

SEO Tips

Standard search page in WordPress will not show Google AdSense Ads , you have to alter the search.php to include Google Adsense. I think it could be a subject of another blog post on how to alter search.php.

This is better than linking to tag page or category page , since you don’t have to worry on putting tag to a certain post with a particular keywords.Using  search function of WordPress, You can easily link to any keywords and let the search function look for the database.

But of course Direct Internal Linking is also beneficial to your blog as well as your visitors.

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  • I don’t know this one. I love this post. Let me try this one.

    • @Jomar Lipon,

      But it will only work in WordPress ..

      • @Dexter Panganiban,

        Aaah…I have a WordPress Blog too. http://questtoad.com

        I will try it to my wordpress blog..

        Thnks for the information that it will only work in WordPress. I really appreciated it..

        What comment form you use. I planning to install a comment form that i can reply to my commentors. Thanks.. God Bless..

      • @Jomar Lipon,

        I am using : WordPress Thread Comment by 偶爱偶家

      • @Dexter Panganiban,

        Thanks. I will use this for my wordpress blog. Thanks a Lot..

  • This is great Dex. I have seen this technique before but have no idea how it is being done. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • @Allen,

      2 bloggers I know using this just thru my observation is selaplana and yugatech 🙂

      • @Dexter Panganiban, Hi Dex, I’m back lol. I just realized, I still don’t know how to do this 🙁

      • @Allen,

        Ngayon ko lang nakita itong comment mo allen ah 🙂 tagal na.. alam mo na ba sya..

      • @Dexter Panganiban, umm still no haha 🙂

      • @Allen,

        Bale ang idea nito ay inner page inter linking and avoiding “?” string in the URL ..

        So you just have to make it like this


        then link mo na yung inner page mo

  • this is an interesting article about search engine optimization. keep it up!


    No mess. Just jobs.

    • @TechJobs.com.ph,

      Good to see you here in my blog, welcome and i hope you find my post interesting and helpful

  • brilliant tips sir Dex, thanks! 🙂
    though ads are also showed up, but it’s minimal..

    can’t wait for your article about how to alter search.php 😛

  • Good post, I didn’t know about this method. Looks pretty good since no Google ads show up.

    Take Care

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