Google is Working Out on How AdSense Publisher Could Donate Japan Directly from AdSense Earnings

Just want to give you a heads up that Google is doing something in order for Google AdSense publisher to have options on how to donate directly to Japan Red Cross. Here is a direct copy of AdSense message to the publisher.

You may have already seen some of Google’s various efforts to help  Japan in the wake of last week’s 8.9 earthquake. We’ve heard some  inspirational stories from publishers who are donating their AdSense  revenue to help and we’ve heard from many of you wondering how you can also donate AdSense earnings to help those affected by the earthquake.

Currently, the fastest way to contribute is to donate directly via our crisis response page. All donations will go to the Japanese Red Cross  Society and will be used directly to support to those affected by the earthquake.

We’re working to roll out a way to donate earnings directly from your  AdSense account. Please check back here for updated information.

If you’re looking for additional resources, we’ve also launched the  Google Person Finder in Japanese, Chinese and English as a tool to help  locate missing people, as well as sites in Japanese and English to provide updates on the affected area.

Posted by Julia Peppiatt – AdSense Payments Team

I just hope that they could do it as soon as possible.

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