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iPhone 5 Announcement and Availability in August 2011 ?

Jun 22, 2011 by     8 Comments    Posted under: Apple, Apple

iPhone 5 Announcement and Availability in August 2011 ?

There are rumors that iPhone 5 will soon be available on August 2011. Although there are some iPhone 5 prototypes that has been seen in the net, nobody except Steve Jobs and his crew could still confirm the exact date on when iPhone 5 will be released. There are also speculations that iPhone 5 will just be an upgrade of iPhone 4 but BGR ( Boy Genius Report), known site for apple products, reported the possibility of having iPhone 5  with new case design will hit the market on August 2011.

iPhone 4 was a success and I know that iPhone 5 launch has been delayed to make apple fans to crave for it’s new design.

We will give updates about iPhone 5. I still don’t own an iPhone but perhaps iPhone 5 will let me replace my Nokia e71.

Price will soon be available after it’s announcement but I Think it will not be far from iPhone 4 launch price.

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  • I can imagine a more powerful iPhone capable of playing 3d games =) or maybe I’m just thinking too much.

    • @TechFilipino,

      Everything is possible nowadays.. maybe soon they could implement your idea 🙂

  • @Dexter, sana cheaper. Hehehehe malaking SANA. 😀 😀 😀

  • yet another thinner and faster iphone? hehehe. 😀 wooot! 😀

    • @jehzlau,

      sana nga.. and i hope cheaper 🙂

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