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A Victim of Carnapping

Mar 3, 2009 by     19 Comments    Posted under: Blogging Tips

Just A quick post . If you are living in Riyadh Saudi Arabia, Be very careful specially if your car looks great. I was a victim of carnapping yesterday night. they bump the back of the car and then when I came out to check the damage, one of the culprit went to the driver seat and take the car. Many told me that it is a Modus Operandi here.

God is good that I did not leave any valuable things inside when it happens. Thanks also to a Saudi By stander who helped me translate my case to the police.

Again Warning to all my Readers from Saudi Arabia, be very careful when suddenly someone bumps your back.

Here is screenshot of my car.

It is a company car. Based on some incident here, The car is usually found after 2 weeks , ruin and without parts. I will keep you updated about this one. I just made this post to warn you guy, This might be off topic but I think worth sharing, It might also happen wherever you are. So beware so that your car will not be carnap in the future.

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  • Sorry to hear this news Dexter. My dad was also a victim of carnapping many years ago here in Manila and they did the same Modus.

    As what my dad said, the important thing is that he was not hurt. It’s “just” a car. Life and family is more important. 😀

    Fitzs last blog post..Earth Hour 2009: Vote Earth on March 28

    • @Fitz,

      Thanks Fitz, But at least Saudi Police are very fast to recover it. I am just waiting for some Company and Police Clearance so that my company could take the car from the police station.

      See You soon Fitz

  • With current’s economic downturn and a lot of people left jobless, crimes like this usually rise. We must take extra precaution especially during these times. Although I still don’t drive, I will take this in mind when my time to drive a car arrives.

    Millionaire Actss last blog post..Credit Card Comparison Tips

    • @Millionaire Acts,

      Yup.. but here in saudi arabia it is different they just play with it. Because it is impossible to sell it here after the carnap.

      For my case they just get the Car and play, I think they are in the influence of Drugs.

      Just my opinion.

  • Sorry to hear about that. What’s important is that you’re safe. The car is covered by insurance and can be replaced anytime.

    This type of modus operandi is just one of the many styles carnappers use. We should all be careful. Don’t trust strangers even if they seem to be nice and trying to help you.

    Keep safe and God bless!

    Jaypees last blog post..Ping-O-matic Gets a Makeover

    • @Jaypee,

      Yup. Thanks God I am safe.. Well actually it was already reported by the police that they found it. but ther ar ust some documentation that the company needs to do..

  • Oh my! anong ginawa ng company nyo about this? anyway… mabuti na lng kamo at carnap lang nangyari sau… eh paano kung… naku ayoko ng isipin pa… thank God na lng tayo! lugi naman ang company nyo… ang mahal kaya ng kotse na yan at ang ganda…

    yatots last blog post..How to fix feeds that are not working properly?

    • @yatot,

      Ok lang naman sa company kasi insured.. And this morning I got a call from the Police and they told me they have recovered the car.. I need to go to police station to get and see what are the damage they did on it ..

      Sana wala.. Praise God

  • KAhit kailan ay hindi ko magiging biktima kasi wala akong kotse!

    Paul Us last blog post..Announcing my contest

    • @Paul U,

      Darating din yang kotse mo.. blog pa ng blog..one day it will a car the adsense bought

  • wow. sayang ang car, buti nlng hindi yun sayo..but sayang parin. hehe

    ui..yep, i already got the concept of it, maybe i’ll just try to google it out. Hehe

    uso talaga carnap dito sa pinas, wow, sana maputulan ng kamay gumawa nyan. hehe

    aldwins last blog post..Charice Pempengco got her very own Toolbar!

    • @aldwin,

      Mahirap naman yun putol kamay.. Pero actually 20 years ago yan ang batas dito sa saudi

  • i never thought it would happen in a place like KSA. i believe your insurance will sufficiently cover the loss.

    my dad’s rugged and rusty old jeep was even carnapped. we recovered it a year after at the hands of a policeman. the shameless bastard even claimed that he bought it from someone else.

    cebloggers last blog post..Social Networking Revisited

    • @ceblogger,

      According to the information I got, If the car will not show within 6 mos it will be fully covered by the insurance.

      The company already made the proper procedure about the incident. I am also thankful that the company understand the situation. And have issued a temporary car. Although it is not a luxurious like Camry I think it is better than nothing.

      Thanks for the concern and dropping some comments. And Yes it is now happening in Saudi Arabia

      Dexter | Tech At Hand Dot Nets last blog post..A Victim of Carnapping

  • Awwww.. Nice and elegant car, getting stolen in a snap…

    Actually, yung case mo, normal na lang yan dito sa Pilipinas..

    I am a tsikot.com member and most often than not the forumers there always updates us about the newest modus operandi of carnappers.

    Yung nangyari sau, lumang style na yan dito sa atin sa pinas, actually, dalawa pa nga yan eh minsan naka kotse yung sasagi sau or minsan naka motor lang.

    Updated na nga ngaun eh, if your car looks too good to be bumped and damaged, hindi ka nila sasagiin, what theyll do is to inform you on the road that either your tire is almost flat or whatnot, syempre ikaw naman mabibigla and you’ll check it out… and then same din, may papasok sa sasakyan mo to get your car…

    Most often than not, ginagawa nila ito in the weee hours and mostly in highways (EDSA) is a very common place.

    and they will do it while both of you (you and carnappers) are on top of the flyover wherein there arent any other witnesses around.

    The best way to avoid this is to ignore them whether you really have a flat tire or whatnot or not, and find the nearest gas station to be able check it out for yourself.

    Note: No I haven’t experienced this kind of modus since luma na din ang sasakyan ko (toyota corolla 94) at walang magkakainteres, and second No! Im not a Carnapper! Lol. but i know someone who can open doorlocks of other cars using an Alambre… hehehe, and I only consult him/her whenever I get my car keys inside my car.

    I feel for what happened to you Sir Dex!

    Jamezs last blog post..Hospital List In Metro Manila (Marikina Area)

    • @Jamez,

      Grabe pala no.. I have been out of philippines for about 8 years and I do not know that this a type of carnapping that is also rampant in Philippines.

      The reality is I don’t own a car in Philippines, But a big thanks for your comment and I was able to know the other type of modus operandi of those crooks.

      Anyway I still believe that everything happen to us has it’s own purpose that only God Knows. And I just hope it will be recovered soon.

      Dexter | Tech At Hand Dot Nets last blog post..A Victim of Carnapping

      • @Dexter | Tech At Hand Dot Net,

        Yup super duper rampant na nga ang ganyan dito sa pinas, and ang madalas na target are the Toyota Fortuners, kaya kung ako magkakaroon ng SUV/AUV i would rather stay away from fortuners. Too hot sa eyes ng mga carnappers…

        Pero blessing in disguise din, since because of the rampant carnapping incidents here sa pines, nainvent din dito satin ung automatic disabler ng sasakyan through texting!

        hehe, I think its a good article that you can put here since you are covering the technology niche.

        Anyway, the way it works eh all you need is a normal sim card na ginagamit natin for everyday use, tapos ilalagay mo un sa “something” (forgot what its called) na nakalagay sa sasakyan mo, and then naka set na ung commands dun sa anti carnapping mechanism na nakakabit sa vehicle, so kelangan mo lang ng isa pang sim card to text a command na naka insert dun sa vehicle, maganda siya kasi you can just send a text message to start a vehicle, stall the vehicle (it would cut the fuel supply of the vehicle), lock the vehicle’s doors, tapos may GPS transmitter pa, so you would know kung nasan na ung vehicle mo…

        I forgot what it is called eh, Im gonna research it again, I read that dun sa tsikot.com forums and maganda sana kaso too pricey for me… nung nabasa ko siya last year it was around 15k Pesos. too pricey for my old vehicle pero Sulit na sulit ito for high end Vehicle owners.

        kasi naman if you can afford to have an SUV then there is a big chance that you can also afford to have one of those devices.

        Imagine after ma carnap yung sasakyan mo, ttrace mo lang sila thru gps tapos i-disable mo ung sasakyan mo tapos huli na sila, narecover mo pa ung sasakyan mo hehehe

        Jamezs last blog post..Hospital List In Metro Manila (Marikina Area)

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