How Big is The Blogging Community ? Infographics

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Just like to share a great info graphics that I found while doing my blog hopping. So we are more than 164 Million by now. Filipino bloggers is only part of the 12% bloggers in the Asia Pacific. I belong to the 13% Part Time bloggers.

How Big is Blogosphere

Infographic by – Conversion Rate Optimization Company Invesp

Dexter Panganiban

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    “Blogger Brain” Infographics by Infolinks | Tech At Hand Dot Net

    […] We just want to share the “Blogger Brain” Infographics below. I think this is a good infographics to those asking about blogging. The infographics shows the typical blogger’s brain.Thanks to for providing this us. Having an infographics is also a great source of back link and good strategy of link building for your site. A blogger will do all possible way to drive traffic on his/her blog. The more targeted traffic that a blogger have the more chances of having good income from blogging. Targeted traffic is the key for blog monetization. So enjoy the infographics below. You may also check : How Big is The Blogging Community ? Infographics […]

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    Vernon Go

    Indeed, investing some time and effort in the internet will really pay of!! Hopefully there will be more local inforgraphics in relation to the Philippine setting! This should open the eyes of investors!

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    These are interesting facts. I like participating on survey like this – gives me some insights on how I can improve my blog.
    Maybe this data is from Technorati’s State of the Blogoshere?

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    Great news sir Dex. Ako medyo humina ang traffic dahil sa walang connection sa lugar ko. On vacation kasi but hopefully going back na ako this dec sa Cavite where I can write and update regularly my site.

    Di na rin ako naka blog hopping.

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      Enjoy your vacation.. While on vacation make a draft post of your experience then ost it day by day on your blog 🙂 share your great experience and connect it to your blog niche. Your readers will love it..

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    The number of blogs tripled on 2004-2005 and doubled during 2007 to 2008 and I saw slow increase onward’s. I’m curious what happen during 2007-2008. Nice post.Keep blogging…

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