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I don’t know why Blogspot doesn’t want my URL Address

Dec 5, 2007 by     2 Comments    Posted under: Blogging Tips, Gooogle

Since I transfer from to Self Hosted WordPress blog I was not able to check what is happening around blogspot blog. Until I read sinigang-dmeemai post about commenting in blogspot platform. I immediately check my and confirm what she mentioned on her blog.

I just don’t know what Blogspot is thinking by removing the option in the blog to leave your URL just in case you don’t want to be known as blogger or anonymous.

I does not really affect the readers but it affects the blogger who is commenting to other blogs to be known by the blogosphere.

My suggestion is whenever you comment in a blogspot blog just comment as anonymous and put your name and URL at the end of the comment. By this you will be able to be recognize as a commenter form other blog.

There are lots of changes that Google is making in the net. I just do hope that they will change the AdSense to be a better source of income.

Now there is more reason to transfer from Blogspot to WordPress

Who knows 🙂

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