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I just cross 500 Feed Subscribers | Readers

Dec 14, 2008 by     22 Comments    Posted under: Blogging Tips

I just cross 500 Subscribers I just like to inform and make this one as my record and baseline. After 2 years of blogging I just cross the 500 subscribers 🙂 . I made it without doing any contest. I just made it in a friendly way. Now, I am thinking when will I pass 1000 subscribers.. I just hope it will not reach another 2 years 🙂 . To all my subscribers .. Thank You very much.

If you want to increase my feed counts just subscribe to me via the provided links. You can also follow me thru Twitter, Plurk , Flickr ,Facebook, mybloglog .. Hmm need to update this later.

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  • Congrats! but I wonder why your subscribers are only more that 500? with your traffic is should have been more.

    Lito | FilipinoVegetarianRecipe.Coms last blog post..Will Companies Be Concerned With Security on Job Cuts?

    • @Lito | FilipinoVegetarianRecipe.Com,

      Actually those visitors came from search engine and usually if they found what they are looking for they will just vanished.

      Well actually it is not the traffic that will give the number of subscribers but the content and friendship that you will give to others.

  • That’s really good news. Mine went down from 82 to 36 subscribers. I have not figured out the exact reason why.

    • @Gem,

      One day you will just that it just come back. It happen to me many times 🙂

      • You’re right. I lost those subscribers yesterday they came back a few hours. I was really worried the whole day and kept asking everyone about it. First time that this happened to me.

        Ngayon 79 subscribers. 82 dapat. May kulang pa.

      • @Gem,

        Usual yan kasi kapag di nila binabasa kahit naka subscribe sila nawawala sa bilang.. kaya mas maganda kung via email

      • Not all are into email, kahit ako rin. Some regular readers are not even RSS subscribers, as in the case of my other blog. They rely on blogroll links or that “follow me” gadget in blogger.

      • @Gem,

        Agree what I mean is in RSS Counts.. Email subscription is better.. Kasi.. they are always being counted..

        And yup there are lots of ways that a blog can be followed.. Social Media site, Twitter,plurk and other…

        I also make sure that I can leave my URL whereever it is possible.. as part of marketing purpose 🙂

        Dexter | Tech At Hand Dot Nets last blog post..Blogging Accomplishment in Year 2008

      • Yung email, di rin pala sila madaling mabawasan. Once they had subscribed, di sila nag-a-unsubscribe.

        Some of my commenters are also from Twitter and Plurk. Like you nakakatulong rin si commentluv. 🙂

      • Pero di lumabas ang last blog post ko, commentluv doesn’t work sometimes. 🙁

      • @Gem,
        Minsan nga di lumalabas yung sa commentluv.. And I saw this one sa mga blogspot blogs.. Well I don’t have idea why it is happening.

        Email subscriber rocks.. The only bad thing is when our email goes to the junk mail 🙁

      • And mine is not a blogspot blog anymore. Converted it to WordPress. Ganda. But still, di pa rin lumalabas ang commentluv (naka check naman dito yung settings).

        Hope my email subscriptions don’t end up as junk mail. Hehehe. But I prefer RSS over it. Mas madaling i-manage.

      • @Gem,
        Sorry po di ako gaanong nakaupdate ng reader di ko na pansin nung 25 ka pa pala nagpalit.. anyway..c ongrats for your new home.. Mas mamamanaged mo yan ..

        Siguro aayos din yang comment luv

        Dexter | Tech At Hand Dot Nets last blog post..Help Educate Others in Blogging

  • Wow congrats brother! Sana maka 500 din ako! Nasa kalahati pa lang halos ang hirap kasi hehehe. I need more hard work hays.

    Ambos last blog post..Pinay Scandal A Blockbuster Hit

  • waw!

    another achivement ya! hehe

    btw, pwede pa xlink? ^^,

    davaomaps dot com

    i have added you ya! ^^,

    davaomapss last blog post..

    • @davaomaps,
      Done Check it at my link page.under pinoy blogs

  • wow congrats dex! isa ako sa 500+ subscribers mo 🙂

    Glenns last blog post..$0.99 .CN domains at NAME.COM

  • Awesome! I think it’d be great if share with us what “friendly” way you did to have all this people reading your feeds.



    Mike Lopezs last blog post..How do I Make Money?

    • @Mike Lopez,

      Ok I will make some tips about it.. But not now since I am too busy 🙂

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