Laptop Can Affect Mens Sperm Count

I just want to warn all geek father out there, Be careful in using your laptop computers, because there are reports that laptop computers can cause lowering the men’s sperm count.

“Laptops are becoming increasingly common among young men wired into the latest technology,” said Dr. Suzanne Kavic, director of the division of reproductive endocrinology at Loyola University Health System. “However, the heat generated from laptops can impact sperm production and development, making it difficult to conceive down the road.” source

Just used your laptop properly and if possible don’t put it in your lap. 🙂 put it somewhere else. Or be sorry later on. This is just a Warning, not a problem for me since I have already 3 kids .

Dexter Panganiban

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    @sir Dex,
    So, assuming that it had side effect if we put the laptop on our lap… maybe we can also change the name of it, instead of Laptop we can call them Tabletop or Pillowtop to make it more appropriate 🙂

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