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With reference to the last project that I made. Below are the list of participants. It seems that the majority of the participants comes from Personal Blogs. Again thanks to the participants. You may want to help me promote this blogs by re-posting this blog list at your blogs.I have categorized the blog list based on your submitted category. I will announced tomorrow the winner of this project and I am planning to have interview from at least 5 blogs in the list. You may want to suggest some question that we can throw at them. Here are the list of blogs :

Category : Blogging

by Allen Gurrea by Jaypee Habaradas by McBilly by Makoy by Charles Nierva by Dexter Pinoy Blogero by Karlo

Category : Computers & Internet

the QuickStop by jaren Techie Girl by Amy by sylv3rblade by pinoyskull by McBilly by Charles Nierva by Javi (coming soon): by keikun17 by Makoy OFW LIFE and randomness by Dexter by Dexter

Category : Personal

SINIGANG by Dmeemai a dose from the Corteses by the Corteses No Need for Ink by Maki Cyberpunk’s So-Called Life by Cyberpunk Ripples by Ninong babyface by Rmil LordArtworks by L.A  Pulse by Em Dy Rhapsody: A curious mind of a confused soul by Rhapsody press play by Anne Nappy Time by Ris SPONTANEITY by Jojie Notes from An Abrupt Mental Diarrhea by Anne Indecisive Me by Reyn Makoy’s Memoirs Of A Certified Blogger by Makoy Life and Work With Ria by Maria A. Jose JoizDotOrg by Joi NiervaDotCom by Charles Nierva Do my stories piss you off? by keysinunez I Say by joanjoyce An Expression of Myself by Dexter

Category : Self Help, Career, Entrepreneurship

Sonnie’s Porch by Sonnie

Category : insights by hussein catanyag

Category : OFW

OFW LIFE and randomness by Dexter diwata chronicles by diwata An Expression of Myself by Dexter

Category :Parenthood by Darang Sisa

Category: Humor

kaPUSAan Incorporated by PiPi the CaT Do my stories piss you off? by keysinunez

Category : Motherhood, Life

diwata chronicles by diwata by Darang Sisa

Category : Sports

The AnitoKid Chronikos by The AnitoKid

Category : Marketing

Increase Your Web Site Traffic Now by Manuel

Category : Current Events, Politics,

Makoy’s Memoirs Of A Certified Blogger by Makoy Alleba Politics by Maria A. Jose The Unlawyer by Paul abakada:blagista (blog ng bobang pinay) by Manilenya by livingplanet  Philippine News and Current Event by dexter Philippine Election by dexter

Category : Business, by derek Makoy’s Memoirs Of A Certified Blogger by Makoy EntrePinoys Atbp by Leo The Unlawyer by Paul

Category : Philippine Entertainment

Chikadora by Maria A. Jose

Category : Shopping and Lifestyle

Shop Chicks by Maria A. Jose Shoppingera by Maria A. Jose

Category : Lifestyle and Travel

My Davao City by Maria A. Jose Paradise Philippines by Vylette The Unlawyer by Paul Chronicles of Kotsengkuba by Kotsengkuba

Category : Books

DotA Strategy Blog by Maria A. Jose Postcard Headlines by Karlo Mikhail

Category : Music by niessuh Praise and Worship Song Lyrics by Dexter

Category: Traffic by Teddy Juan

Category : Games by keikun17 DotA Strategy Blog by Maria A. Jose

Category : Photo Blog

Picture to Remember by Dexter

Category : Uncategorized

Think Of Me! by Tom PinoyBlurker @ PinoyBlogoSphere by PinoyBlurker Joma by Jom

Happy Blogging to all and many thanks to the participants.If I forget somebody please let me know and I will update the list. I have also included my niche blogs above. You may want to join the other SEO Project that I joined.

Dexter Panganiban

Dexter is a person who loves technology,new gadget, SEO, Social Media and Christianity. Follow him at twitter via @techathand and add him @ Google+ and contact us at [email protected]

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    Thanks for the link love. My other site that you featured here is not really enterpreneurship. I suppose it may be of self help. Its mostly a personal blog of random thoughts.

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