RSSHugger a new Marketing Method

Do you want to expand your readership? Well if your answer is yes there is a new site which will advertise your RSS feed it is called RSSHugger. By the word itself you may be able to guess what is it doing for your site feeds.

How will RSSHugger help you promote your site?

They promote your site feeds, and classify it according to your niche. When somebody visit their site they will give the reader a list of feeds that pertains to the required information that their reader is looking. They will then show the list of enrolled site link to their hugger pages which show the list of Feeds.

Their about page gives some information about their business model and how rsshugger might help you in increasing awareness of your blog.

A sample of RSSHugger page whenever you will be approve will be like this one

Does RSSHugger fully optimized for Search Engine ?

It is already indexed by google. At the moment I don’t know if RSSHugger is fully optimized by Search Engine, as of this writing there are only 96 pages which are indexed by google. It is important that in order for the visitors to see the site , there should be lot of pages that is fully optimized by the Search that will push the site into Google SERP page 1.

How to be part of this RSSHugger Community?

This article was written at their site in order to attract more blogger and talk about their site like what happen when I blogged about blogrush before.

    November 23rd

    Welcome to rssHugger. You may register your RSS feed on the third tab shown above.

    BIG NEWS: Due to the popular vote in the community, we have removed the $10 registration fee, so now if you make a blog post reviewing/critiquing rssHugger, you can get your own rssHugger page absolutely free! We will be re-programming to include the new changes. If you want to get in early, write your review on your blog and email me ([email protected]) with your blogs review of the site, as well as the email you registered on rssHugger (your account email). I will manually be reviewing every entry before it is included in the site. If you have recently already purchased the previous $10 registration fee, you can also email me your Paypal payment ID and I will gladly refund your payment after the blog review is up.

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My Comments

I think the idea is cool but not the $10 payment if you will not blog about it and you want your RSS feeds be included in their site. if there are other site which can promote your feed like bumpzee for free, So why would a blogger pay $10 for the inclusion?.

They can give this for free and get some advertiser in the future.

As of this writing there are only 34 feeds at their database and 26 is already approved that is why it already shown at their New feeds . and perhaps after this review went live I will be included their. OOhhh at least I will be at their top 100 RSS feeds 🙂 even for a while. until such time that this site be viral.

There are two things that might happen in the future , this site might fail or succeed. So for me their is no harm in trying.

So to my fellow blogger why don’t you try the new advertising model in town RSSHugger. I will let you know if  Collin LaHay will approve my request thru this review for my feed be included in their site for 10 yeas.

    Dexter Panganiban

    Dexter is a person who loves technology,new gadget, SEO, Social Media and Christianity. Follow him at twitter via @techathand and add him @ Google+ and contact us at [email protected]

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