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Does Your Post included in Google Supplemental Index

Nov 22, 2007 by     3 Comments    Posted under: SEO Tips

Do you want to know how many percent of your post is with Google Supplemental Index? Well I will suggest you to use Supplemental index ratio calculator that I found yesterday. At this moment I have six post under supplemental index by Google. The sad part is I cannot determine the Post which is part of the supplemental Index, Not unless I copy the post title and start googling it.

Tropical SEO discussed some information about the Supplemental Index and how to avoid it as follows:

1. Give each page a unique title

2. Give each page a unique META DESCRIPTION

3. Make sure each page has a good amount of unique content

4. Get some more trusted links

5. Get some links to internal pages

Well among those five suggestion, I am not working in his # 2 Suggestion. Because every time I read SEO article they are telling the META is dead. Well it is still up to you to decide. It is your blog anyway. The most often tip that I used is the  # 5 by linking Internal Page.

One more tip in making Internal Page linking, Choose the article you want to push in the first page and try linking on that page.

Hope this help. The lower percentage you get from the calculator the better chance to get it in a higher SERP. More Tips from my SEO Category

Calculator : Supplemental index ratio calculator ( Not working )

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