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Thanks for Coming Back

Jan 3, 2008 by     24 Comments    Posted under: Blogging Tips

My Site has been off the net for about 7 days. It is because I encountered problems with my database. And since I am new to WordPress It took sometime to figure it out. I will share you the experience that I have encountered during reviving this site.

I would like to thank Jeff from Snoobhosting.net my Hosting provider for helping me revive my site.

I lost all my database from October 10,2007 to date. So if you have any links to my site, I will gonna repost it via the back p up that I have thru Windows Live Writer. So it will take time.

I don’t want this thing to happen to all of you guys so, I will share my experience to you later.

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  • @ Blue..

    Oo nga but sayang yung mga comments.. Comments from my site makes me happy since I know that somebody is reading my blog.

    @ lestat

    maybe after everything has been put back to place again I will have to do those plug in.. But right now I am doing a manual back up.

    @ Jaypee

    Thanks for the suggestion of WP-DBManager.. I will check it all out.

    Thanks guys for all your suggestion

  • Hi Dex, sorry to hear about what happened. It really sucks when something like this happens and you don’t have backups. I’ve experienced this several times before and I know how it is. Oh well, atleast your blog is back.

    Btw, you might want to install a plugin to backup your database. Try WP-DBManager, it’s what I use and it works for me. Aside from manual backups, you can schedule a backup and have it emailed to you.

    Happy New Year! 🙂

  • Welcome back Dex…
    I think you should install skippy wordpress database plug-in so you won’t lose your precious comment just in case something bad happens..

    have a nice day dex..

  • Welcome back! Mabuti naman at mare-revive ang mga post mo.

  • @ sylv3rblade

    I will have to remember it,

    @ Allen,

    Oopss sorry to see all my post again at my feeds.. Yupp I am again republishing it since I lost all my post and comment when this happen to my blog.

    To all my feed subscriber please forgive me in doing this..

  • @ Amy,

    oo nga doon ako nagkamali I have to learn it In a hardway. Good to kno that it happen while my blog is still young.

  • Oh I see that’s why your blog was down. Btw, why are some of your old posts showing up in the feeds? Did you republish them? ^_^

  • hi dex!
    welcome back!
    Good to know na ok na… ako when i experienced this 1 day down time sa blog ko.. I see to it that I have a database back up weekly…plus a local version of my blog… maganda na yung sigurado haha…

  • @ bloggero,
    I think it is not part of my hosting plan with my provide r

    @ baby
    Thanks for the greetings. nice to be back again

  • welcome back online kuya dex…

  • Does you host doesn’t have any backup of your database?

  • @ joan joyce I will relate what really happen to my database and what safet measure needs to be done

  • Welcome back kuya Dex.
    Hmm.. I almost had this problem too but luckily I found out about: http://blogbackuponline.com/
    Not sure if you can retrieve your posts via feedburner though.

  • kaya pala naka-maintenance mode ka lagi, kala ko nagpapaganda ka lang ng blog mo. bat kaya nawala?

  • @ Charles,

    I do have some back up of my post.. Since most of the time I am using Windows Live writer.. But It will take time to upload it one by one again.. The problem is lost all precious comment of my reader 🙁

  • Dex, Sorry to hear about your site. Good to be back online. 🙂
    It is really important to have a backup everyday.
    To those who subscribe to dex’s RSS, you can help him revive his blog. 🙂

  • @ derek

    Good to know that you are the first one to greet me after my site has bee resurrected..

    There is a problem that I encounterd.. I will detail those thing in my future post..

    My Mistake is I don’t have back from October 10 to date of all post and comments.

  • Actually Something happened at my site. The problem is I don’t have back up for the post and Comments.

    Sad to say is all is gone..I can only put back the post but not the comments..

    I will have to use my back weblog post from Windows Live Writer ..

    So Sad

  • hey dex! welcome back! what happened to all your post?

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