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What About Entrecard ? Experience and Tips

I have been using Entrecard for about 3 weeks already, The reason why I did not blog about is because it is already flooding the internet, And therefore is useless to bid for the firsrt page of google since I am late to join.
So the reson of reviewing is to late my readers know my experience with this new fiasco about exchanging Digital Cards.

Do Entrecard visitor converts to cash?

I may say that there are only few entrecard vistors visit the blog because of curiosity based on the picture shown in the entrecard graphics that an entrecard user opt to use as his/her internet brand.

But if the vistors is juts a blog owner he will just push the famous word ” Drop Your Card ” and leave immidiately so that he can have extra credits by dropping the card. At first I must admit that this is what I am doing but now, I am using those blog to get good ideas on what to blog and what to learn from them.

Is it worth to pay your hard earned credits with those on the first row of the campaign?
I believe it is as long as he is on the constant spot, the time that you join. Since the credit needed to advertise on their blog is equivalent to the average clicks that the entrecard blog has been clicked on their site. And so if they are already a long time user of entredcard that only means that their blog is really converting to some Clicks.

What does other site have to say regarding Entrecard

Karlo’s List of Pinoy Entrecard User
McBilly post – Advertise on big name blogs for free

How do they determine the Cost of my site?

Their site explains as follows :

To advertise your card on someone else’s widget, it costs the number of credits equal to twice the number of cards dropped on that widget each day. So if a widget receives an average of 50 cards dropped into it each day, advertising on that widget will cost 100 credits per day.

It only means that if your site has a higher cost it only means that you have more visitors than others. and remember they are checking the average, So it only means that you have to get a good amount of drops on your site to make a higher cost of advertisement.

Where do I have to advertise?

Do I have to advertise on highly paid site or on the low paid site? What I am doing now is I am investing on the highly paid site , which is constantly on the top site when you press the category. It only means that they are maintaining the drops per day on their site.

But don’t be dismayed if they reject your offer. Try another one. If they are included here they are one of the early starters of Entrecard

Do you want to share your Entrecard experience ?

Just leave your comment below and lets all read your experience and your own tips.

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  • @ Ambo

    I also experienced some rejection :)..

  • thanks for the tips dex. now i understand why some people reject my ads. hehehe.

  • @ McBilly,

    You are right that is why, I am always picking blogs related to Technology, Make Money, and Computers.

    @ Kevin,

    When I first do this entrecard I oam only dropping cards then leave. And then I found out that entrecard is a very good source of information and idea for your next post.

  • It has increased my blog’s traffic (http://marroxas2010.blogspot.com) dramatically. I was curious at first. I tried not to used it but I saw that a lot of Pinoy blogs are using it, so I tried.

    But I think, other just visit the site for credits. Maybe other would stay longer if they are interested with your site.

  • Indeed Dex. It’s also best to target blogs that are in your niche to further enhance the hits that you are getting. Thanks for the link by the way. 😀

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