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What Is Blogging?

Apr 22, 2008 by     9 Comments    Posted under: Blogging Tips

I have been asked by a friend the question of What is Blogging ?, I told her that you can find everything at my blog. But into my surprise , I can’t even find the answer to that question. Yes I write tips about blogging and SEO but answer to question about what is blogging is nowhere to be found. So that makes me an idea to make a new post about Blogging. This is back to basic.

What is Blogging ?

Blogging is writing about any topic that you like. In Blogging world, Topic also means “niche”. Some of famous blogging niche is ” Make Money Online ” , ” Technology ” , ” SEO ” , ” General Blog ” and lots more. It is writing with fashion on niche that you love. I would suggest that if you would like to start blogging you better start blogging on subject that you love and not those you are told to do so. It is your blog so you are the master of your own blog.

Can I make money thru Blogging ?

Yes you can. Although some blogger doesn’t want to involve money in blogging. Some Bloggers are earning thru blogging. This site also earns from blogging thru advertisers. You can check my Privacy policy to know what I mean. Some blogs also sells links to other site. Some sell advertising space in their blog.

What is Google SERP

Google SERP or they call it Search Engine Ranking Page is what shows, upon searching any words in Google. So when you put any word in Google box shown in www.google.com and pressing ” search ” the next page that will show up is Google Search Page. Many aspires to be in number 1 in the Search Engine since the higher the ranking the higher the chance of having visitors.

How to be in Google # 1 Search

You can check my post on how I become # 1 in Google in one of the search keywords during Filipino Boxing fight.

So anymore question in Blogging. I am thinking of making post about basics of blogging to help out those new bloggers in town. The best way to get new idea is to talk to none bloggers 🙂 .. So any other information you want to see ?

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  • I would have love to start blogging. I think i have nitch to blog on but how do i start? I am a total novice. Can u please educate me?

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  • […] within my niche. I have details lots of post in this blog that pertains to Blogging and SEO.  { What Is Blogging? […]

  • @ Sonnie

    I will do that.. I know that you had just pass a recent attack. well this blog pass 3 attacks already.. 🙂

    Dexter’s last blog post..15% Tax on all OFW Remittance

  • You covered the basics, and thanks for visiting my site. You may also want to share how to protect their blog from hack because some bloggers have fun by bringing down hapless blogs… grrrrr!

    Sonnie’s last blog post..The Micro Perspective

  • @ Fitz

    I blog it before but i believe a more detailed one should be provided to them.. Thanks for the idea.

  • Good post. I suggest that you also explain RSS to them in your next article.

    Fitz’s last blog post..Checkmate

  • nice article, all the basic are pointed out pretty well. Here, Let me share one of the coolest definition of blog. 🙂

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