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Yahoo Shortcuts : Will it Boost my Blog ?

Dec 15, 2007 by     No Comments    Posted under: Blogging Tips, Freeware, Wordpress

Yahoo would like to get the attention of the bloggers that is why they are issuing a plug-in called Yahoo Shortcuts that will pull some of the resources.
They are saying that they have capability as follows :

Automatic Detection: As you write your blog post, Shortcuts look for Flickr photos, places, companies, products, people and much more. If Yahoo! shortcuts finds relevant content, it will let you know.

I think I might use this only for flickr , but what for? I can always go to flickr site and get the code so that I can put relevant picture on my post.

I don’t know if lots of blogger will get this, The next question is , Are we going to earn if we will put this plug in at our site? I think ” No “, since they did not mentioned about it, So why will I waste part of my post where yahoo will be the one to earn?

Just a question. 🙂

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