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Dexter is a person who loves technology,new gadget, SEO, Social Media and Christianity. Follow him at twitter via @techathand and add him @ Google+ and contact us at [email protected]

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  1. 5

    hello, na banned din site nmin just few days im renovating our site, kasi naglagay ako ng go daddy na affilitae sa sidebar. then, meron pala google adsense na godaddy. Meaning nagcompete ung sidebar ko at google adsense. kaya na banned ako. anyway, i dont know how to get it back. sorry to hear that.

  2. 10
    Jorge @ HP Laser Toner

    I don’t understand.

    Google bans anyone who link to copyrighted materials? Isn’t a plus side on the site (of the copyright material ). More incoming links to their websites means more are trusting their site?

    As for the youtube videos, I better check on those ones that I embedded on my blogs.

    Again, I am confused. Youtube has a share feature which gives you codes that you can use to embed the video on your own site.

    Youtube should just remove this for materials that do not want their materials to be viewed on other sites.

    Thanks for sharing this bro.

    • 11
      Dexter |

      @Jorge @ HP Laser Toner,

      Actually to clear it up this is what happen.. some of my site is linking in another site which host copyrighted materials..

      Youtube is actually keep on removing copyrighted materials being hosted on their site.

  3. 13

    Whaaaat???? !!!

    Sorry to hear that Dex.. Di bale, there’s still a way out naman.. Like what you said, may asawa ka, kapatid, relatives.. Gawa ka na lang ulit ng account using their names..

    God bless dex!

  4. 15

    Dude, sorry to hear that. Possible nga ung interlinking and copyright materials. Wala ba pinadala na letter sa’yo before? Usually Google will give you 3 days to fix things. Was it an outright ban from G?

  5. 17

    I am very sad that your addsense has been banned, I don’t know why Google people even not care of their good users, they must give some warning first and something like that, a popular forum (digitalpoint) got their addsence banned too, which is very popular forum, and Google should be very careful doing this, but they did not pay attention and did it, but later on they fixed it.
    I feel panic, cos I don’t know when will they ban anyone.

      • 19

        @Dexter |, BUT still Google is master, and why they are forced to ban by advertisers, I don’t think that there is any harm for people if there add is displaced on music site, let me know if I am wrong ?

      • 21

        @Dexter Panganiban, you are right some says that it is not good, and some says it is ok.

        have your read anything about this in tos?

  6. 22
    Shiva | Web Magazine

    Hi there Bro Dexter,
    Thanks for disclosing the information on possibly why you could have got banned. I think yes it was because of copyright issues but well you were telling that maybe streaming videos on your site may also have been the cause. Do you think embedding Youtube videos may also cause such problem?

    • 23

      @Shiva | Web Magazine,

      I think it depends upon the content of youtube videos..If it is copyrighted materials and if someone complain for those videos to adsense.. You might be in trouble.

  7. 25
    Randy@batman outfit

    I think Google is being tougher with its adsense program and things that were getting by a few years ago are being penalized now. You have to really be more careful now than in the past. I am always careful with my sites so I don’t give Google a reason to ban my sites.

  8. 31
    Cebu Tech Blogger

    Dex, I feel sorry for you… I know it would be hard to start again, but every online effort doesn’t guarantee that we will enjoy it through the years… I’m sure you know that it’s not only through Adsense that we can make money online. Once a person has the writing skills, marketing strategy, and SEO initiatives- then he is good to go… Good luck and I wish to hear from you again, when you’re not busy.. :-))


    • 32
      Dexter Panganiban

      @Cebu Tech Blogger,

      Thanks Bert,.. Yeah there are lots of ways to earn and make money online.. As I am contemplating and looking at the big guys in US most of them does not use Adsense in their blogs and they promote direct advertisers and affiliates.

    • 36
      Dexter Panganiban

      @Paul/ Entertainment tonight,

      Subukan ko.. balak kon isaayos itong site ko at gawin mga private ads na lang atsaka … mga affiliate ads.. na related dito sa blog ko.. medyo marami pa akong aayusin .. I am also planning to have a premium wordpress theme para sa affiliate para di na ako mahiarapan. pero ngayo trabaho muna sa work ko aasikasuhin ko.

  9. 37

    I just had another of my adsense applications approved. But even if I now have two accounts, I haven’t bothered with the new one. Here’ the funny: …wait for it. bam! banned?! now, how did that happen?! only Go….ogle knows!


  10. 41

    Wala namang masama kung susubukan mo yung ibang mga nakalatag ng Plans mo e.

    Pero nung na-ban yung account ko sa Adsense, mas marami pa akong nadiskubre sa IM, yung “tunay” na Internet Marketing. Malay mo, ikaw na yung susunod na maging advertiser.:D

  11. 51

    @sir Dex, sorry to hear about your adsense acct., ganun na pala ka-strict si big G, kaya kunting ingat nalang next time…

    btw, thanks for the heads-up! πŸ™‚

    psensya na kung ngaung lang ulit ako nakapasyal, medyo busy sa work eh.. =)

  12. 61
    Dalelorenzo Johnson

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  13. 67

    That’s quite a sad story. I faced some problems with adsense as well in the past, but managed to keep my account unbanned. I hope you’ll get another account and be more careful in the future

    Best Regards,

  14. 69

    ang saklap naman nyan Dex.. 2 site ko na rin ang na-ban pero kung account ang maba-ban, di ko yata kakayanin, hehehe,.. kasi account na ni misis gamit ko, na ban na yung original account ko eh..

    Copyrighted videos naman and katabi daw sa sexing photo yung ads kaya na ban yung 2 sites ko..

    anyway, possibleng mag apply ng ibang name, ganon ang account ko ngayon eh..

    pag nadapa, bangon ulit! wala yan, humps lang yan… arangkada ulit!

  15. 71

    Simula ng nabanned ung adsense account ko nawalan na ako ng gana mag update ng blog. well actually I did not take it seriously d naman talaga ako writer kaya nga lang nakakapanghinayang din..

  16. 76

    naman… pano nayan… share mo naman ung details dito kuya dex para may insights naman ung mga bago para di sila ma banned… di naman sa mga movies, TV shows related ung reason bakit ka na banned ano… bye bye legit money maker.. πŸ™

  17. 78

    hi dex, dibale maayos din yan. 3months ago na banned din yung ibang site ko copyright issue din, na banned din ung anime site ko. Kaya ginawa ko ni removed ko na sa mga lyrics site ko ung adsense.. mahirap na eh. Thk God hindi yung adsense account ko yung na banned ,site lang.

    Yung site ko na na banned sa adsense pinaltan ko na lang ng bidvertiser.

  18. 102

    Hi Bro Dex, I just got banned too. But in my case I can honestly say that I don’t click my own ads. But I still put the blame on my self. Because every time I have Internet connection problem I go to a public computer just a few corner. I just discovered the computer shop has auto click program installed. I don’t really know if it has to do of getting banned. I am looking forward for the result of your experiment I hope it works.

    • 103
      Dexter Panganiban


      I don’t click my own ads, and I don’t usually open my account in areas where there is danger.. But I am guilty of having copyrighted materials.I will update the post to put some insights on how I got banned.

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