Curved TV?! Let’s Talk About the Samsung U9000 Series Curved UHD TV

Samsung U9000 Series Curved UHD TV
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World’s First Curved UHD TV

Samsung surpasses entertainment expectations as it released the World‘s First Curved Ultra High Definition (UHD) TV last January 2014. The newest gadget is officially called Samsung U9000 Series Curved UHD TV. For years, Samsung has produced quality smart TVs that were top of the rank – the company being the lead producer of such device for seven consecutive years (from 2006 to 2013) according to CNN’s Global 500, a list of top companies around the world. This list ranks companies based on their total profit for a given year.

In 2013, Samsung’s TV sales increased around twenty percent from 2012’s forty-eight million units sold. Now with its latest innovation, the Samsung U9000 Series Curved UHD TV, Samsung guarantees a quadruple viewing experience from other HD televisions.

Awesome Features

Unlike other flat screen TVs, the curved screen allows the same quality view from different angles, no matter where you are in the room. Also, with the help of the Samsung Proprietary Auto Depth Enhancer UHD technology, it adjusts contrast automatically and has a 3D effect without the use of glasses. Lower quality videos are even improved to HD-like quality using this feature. This new product from Samsung also uses the PurColor technology that enhances the texture and color of images – sharper and brighter colors insured for viewers. If those are not enough to make you want to have the Samsung U9000 Series Curved UHD TV, the next feature is sure to convince you. Samsung’s latest creation allows dual viewing that is, it enables users to have two separate videos to be played at once. Users can now stream online videos while they watch local TV channels alongside. A slower performance is not a problem with the Quad Core Plus, Samsung’s improved Quad Core processor. Moreover, just like the other smart televisions from Samsung, it has built-in WiFi and camera. With these, using applications, streaming online videos, browsing the internet, playing video games and surfing channels are faster and easier, thanks to Samsung’s Curved UHD TV.

To be able to cater to different consumers, the Curved UHD TV is available in 78, 65 and 55 inches. Price ranges from PhP300,000 (6,900USD) to PhP500,000 (11,500USD).

What’s Next For Samsung?

Samsung also plans to push innovation further by developing a 105-inch Curved UHD TV along with a 110-inch flat screen smart TV in the following year. The product lineup of Samsung for 2014 includes Samsung 105-inch Curved UHD TV – the world’s first and largest curved UHD TV, Samsung S9 Series UHD TVs – the world’s largest UHD display, Samsung U8550 Series UHD TVs – advanced UHD picture quality.


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