Samsung Galaxy Tab GT P1000 Full User Review

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I purchased my Samsung Galaxy Tab in an aim to replace my old Nokia E71, because I learned that Galaxy Tab GT P1000 is a Tablet+Phone gadget. So here is my review as well as my recommendation before buying this Tablet and an answer if I fulfill my purpose.

Speed and Internet Usability

The tablet is good for internet browsing specially if users want mobility. It can be use in any part of the house and can be use to reply to e-mail immediately. It could also be used for Facebook chatting though eBuddy, a program that could be downloaded from the Aptoide. One of the advantage of Galaxy Tab vs iPad is the ability to view adobe flash enabled site.

Applications and Downloads

The official Android market is blocked in Saudi Arabia, so the workaround is to get the application through Aptoide, Slide ME, Samsung Apps, GetJar Apps and other site where user could directly download the APK downloadable files ( File extension for Android Apps ).

Sound System

Sound is great and is loud enough for users in the room to hear. The sound could easily be controlled. It could also be used as sound system while working in the office. Sound is better than small mobile phones when it comes to sound system.

As a Mobile Phone

I do not suggest Galaxy Tab to be used as mobile phone. Due to the following reasons :

  • I feel inconvenient to use the cabled headset
  • Charging the Bluetooth headset give inconvenience.
  • I don’t feel comfortable using the speaker phone.

The above mentioned reason lead me to use the tab as Tablet and not as a mobile phone.

As an E-Book Reader

It is perfect , the size the speed, the reading view option is perfect. Way way better than using my iPod to read a document.

As a Camera

Another great feature from the Tab, the picture is really clear but I think they missed to include the zoom option in the standard camera program that was built in with the tab. So another program needs to be downloaded to get the zooming feature.

As a Blogging Tool

The tab is not convenient for making a lengthy blog post since, it is hard to type through the built-in keyboard. I don’t know for those user with small fingers. But for me it does not really work. It is good to be used for research, since there are lots of apps that could be used. It is good for making short post with picture since users can immediately put pictures in the post with the help of WordPress Apps for Android,.

As a Calendar

Calendar could be easily synchronized to Google Calendar. Perfect for Google Calendar heavy users.

As A Data storage

I love it, My Dropbox is synchronized to my Tab. I will just download files that I want to be read in tab. I could also load PDF files where I could read from anywhere.

As an Office Tools

It works fine for me, the built-in ThinkFree Office Android Apps could read files made from Microsoft Office. In apple users need to pay for this kind of files. Interface for MEMO is also great. I am still having an issue for printing to my HP wireless printer and I need to resolve this soon. I am still in search for a descent program that could be used as an MP3 recorder. I have some free trial version where it could only record for 2 minutes.

Games and Application

There are also lots of games that can be seen through android, like Free full version Angry Bird and Slice. There are some games which is a paid application in apple that could be downloaded in the Android for free. But I must admit there are more application ready for download to apple products.

Size and Mobility

Perfect , when users is always on the go, it fits to the pocket at jeans back.

3G Service

The tablet is 3g enabled. A 3 G SIM card is needed to use this feature. I use STC broadband SIM card.

Battery Life

It could be used for the day. For me it is not really an issue since I am always at the office or home. So I am just connecting my tab to the power supply when it goes down. But I have tried to use the tab for 8 hours without any problem. Be careful when the battery reaches to 15% camera will not be enabled. There are ways to decrease the usage of battery which are readily available in the net. Just google it.

Movie player & Internet TV

It gives good view for movies, specially the size. it better compared viewing with iPod. There are also application where users could download US and UK free TV.


An Andorid phone is a perfect companion to those who uses Google products heavily. My aim to replace my mobile phone was not met, since I am not convenient is using Galaxy Tab as a phone. My Internet usage for Nokia E71 nows turns to 0% , since I am using the tab for mobile internet browsing. If you like the tablet for mobility purpose it is definitely better than iPad, but if you don’t mind carrying a bigger version you can opt to iPad. There are lots of new tablet that will come, Motorola Xoom, iPad 2 and others. If you are not in a hurry better to wait.

Dexter Panganiban

Dexter is a person who loves technology,new gadget, SEO, Social Media and Christianity. Follow him at twitter via @techathand and add him @ Google+ and contact us at [email protected]

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  1. 1
    allan o.

    Sir dex, sa tingin ko cra na battery ko gt-p1000 kc pag mga 80% pababa ang charge ng batery ko ay nag ha hang na ang tab ko at ndi ko magamit ni ndi ko ma unlock, pero pag naka charge lng ok naman gamitin ndi sya mag hang. Magkanu kaya ang gt-p1000 battery at san may mabibili .sa q.c ave or fairview lng ang location ko.

  2. 3

    i cannot use skype properly because of inverted skype images on opposite side,am using version 2.2(p1000n) .kindly advice me how to fix it

  3. 4

    i cannot use skype properly because of inverted skype images on opposite side,am using version 2.2(p1000n) .kindly advice me how to fix it

  4. 5


  5. 6

    @Dexter Panganiban, dexter, is it really hard to OPERATE? im also trying to buy one. i want to use all possible festures availabe in it.I’ve always wanted to owen a bigger phone, to be recognised, u see. my only QSTN IS: is it challenging when it comes to operatiob? thanx

  6. 7

    Dear sir iam using samsung gt p-1000 in all features it is ok
    but iam unhappy due to bluetooth headset because i don’t
    Know how to use bluetooth. Please tell me how to use bluetooth headset

  7. 10

    ………..Hi i am new plz gude me
    hi i am thinking to guy SGT p1000 it of cost 15000 near my samsung store i have a problem to buy becouse.. The internet connection is only through WIFI i dont have WIFI connection at home and i hear that there in no sim slot is any way to sim plz plz plz reply me and gude me plz if prepaid sim works in tab i will buy it! Plz reply me dexter

  8. 12

    hello dexter,
    i’m going to buy galaxy tab p1000,but im not sure if it is user friendly or not.i mean ive never used a tab before so will it be wise if i get one?i mean is it hard to operate?

    • 13
      Dexter Panganiban


      Sorry for the late reply medyo busy po kasi .. If I were you I will just invest in iPad rather than on this phone/tab.. But ofcourse depende sa gamit siguro it would be better to get the SII .. Just my opinion..Kung user friendly ang paguusapan android phone po sya at madali namang pag aralan.

  9. 14
    Hi Dexter

    Question on text there are times i been receiving text message and its appear to come from different contact foe Ex. a text message from Jun on my contact then when i reply to him he would told me that it was not him. this happens a couple of times already not for a particular person only. do you know how to resolve this or the contact details for sumsung near Makati area.


  10. 15

    Dear Dex,

    When calling video call via skype, I can see myself on 90 degrees angle (sideways)and the called party on the other end is saying that my video image is also tilted sideways. I tried to rotate the my GT P-1000 to get the right position(upright)but,it didn’t help at all. Any comments on this issue. Thanks, Steve

  11. 18

    Sir Dex,

    I got GT P-1000 from Jarir, Problem is can’t download apps from Android Market coz market widget is not showing. Did use the forum soln. & install XSG from KSA and it works market widget showed and application running. Problem is it only works in wi-fi but not with my mobily internet sim. When I revert it back to KSA, mobily internet sim works but market application disappear.

      • 22

        @Dexter Panganiban,

        I did settings> wireless and network> mobile networks> Access Points Names > APNs (only No items icon could be seen)


      • 23
        Dexter | Tech At Hand Dot Net


        try this one:

        POSTPAID Mobily settings:

        1. Be sure your SIM card is inserted correctly in the slot. You have to push it in deep with either your nail or a pen or something like that until you a hear a click. The little latch door should be able to shut securely over the slot.

        2. Go to Settings/ Wireless and network/Mobile networks/

        3. Then go to “Access Point Names”

        4. Click the Menu button, select New APN

        5. Enter these values:
        Name: web1
        APN: web1
        MMS Proxy:
        APN type: select “internet + mms”

        The system should automatically enter the data for other fields on this screen. Just in case you need it, my screen also says:

        MCC: 420
        MNC: 03

        Everything else is either “Not set” or “None”. But I wouldn’t worry about these.

        6. Click Menu button again, select Save

        Back on the APN screen there should be a green dot next to “web2” to show it is selected. You can select it if needed.

        7. Click back arrow button, select Network mode.

        8. Be sure “GSM/WCDMA (auto mode)” is selected – this makes use of the full 3G system for faster service.

        9. It should know to select Mobily automatically for the network, so you won’t need to select anything from “Network operators”. In case you do for some reason, you can select that, then it will ask to shut off your data temporarily, then give you the option to choose Mobily, Zain, or STC. Select Mobily then it will take you back to the main Mobile network settings screen.

        10. To tell the tablet to use the data service you will need to be sure “Use packet data” is checked.

        If it is not checked you can still use the phone and text messages but no internet. When you are out in public away from a power source, and not using the internet, it is a good idea to keep the data shut off because otherwise it will drain the battery pretty fast.

        11. You will know it is working when you see a computer chip shape thing on the top bar of the screen with an “H” or “3G” symbol on it and two red and green arrows. This is next to the indicator bars, near the clock. Of course just test out the browser and email too.

        PREPAID Mobily settings:

        Same as above except when entering APN settings you will enter “web2” for both Name and APN.

      • 24


        Shukran Kathiran (Thank you very much) it works like a magic, No. 4 instruction is what I have been looking for, it is not auto visible I have to swype bottom of the screen to see it…..NEW APN

        Again, Thank you and more power

  12. 26

    i use it as a voip, been able to skype with my little girl while on the road here in manila, while she is home in nz. it is a huge help since my sked here in manila is toxic (and i’m stuck in traffic). the gprs connection is also good so i can surf on the road, i don’t need to look for free wifi to be able to get on the internet.

  13. 28

    thanks po sa blog about samsung galaxy tab., balak ko kac bmli n nito nxt month… to replace my phone as well as my laptop.. ask ko lng pde ba mag edit jan ng mga office files?? aun lng ^^ thanks^^ nice info

  14. 29

    Dexter! I thank God i see your website(should have seen your review before i bought my tab though hehehe)

    Apparently I have to agree with you about this tab as phone, that’s suppose to be my main objective why i bought this tab.

    Can u suggest any phone to me, i need to store alot info of my client to a phone.

    With the tab why does it change to mms if i text around 180 character

    please. Please help po.

  15. 32
    arturo roxas

    sir dexter ask ku lang po yung battery nang sg tab gt 1000 ilang oras syang ginagamit pg games k o internet? at yung charging hour nya….

  16. 34

    Hi Dexter,

    I just bought a Galaxy Tab PT1000 here in Jarir Palestine St, Jeddah

    I just want to know how do i install *.apk (which i have downloaded from a torrent site) apps on the Tab?

    I am using the Tab primarily as an Ebook reader and can you recommend a *.lit & *.mobi Application reader for the Tab (out of the box the tab can only open *.epub and *.pdf files)?

    Thank you and much obliged

  17. 43

    Hi Dexter, just to update you… I looked around in Megamall the other week to see if I could play around with the demo model of the Galaxy Tab. One of the shops at the Cyberzone had a demo on display and I played around with it for a good 15-20 minutes. To be very honest, I was not impressed. Like in several online reviews, I felt like I was using an oversized touchscreen phone. And I could see a noticeable time lag as I went about the various functions and screen swiping – something that i did not see at all with the iPad.

    In the end, I ordered an iPad2 online. It should reach my doorstep in around two weeks.

    I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for your review and insights into the Tab. It allowed the Tab to give a good fight but in the end, the iPad2 won over it. 🙂

  18. 44

    Jarir prices for galaxy tab – wifi = 1499sr / 3G = 1999sr, matagal ko nang pinag-aaralan kung maganda bang bilhin etong 3g or antayin ko na lang yung 10.1. kaso magkano naman kaya ang presyo neto pag nilabas na nila ang 10.1 dito… gusto ko din kasi magkaiba kami ni misis like Motorolla Xoom or Acer Iconia A500. kaso di ko pa alam kung kelan ang labas ng Iconia… Xoom is already available here… LG Optimus Pad is 2699sr sa jarir.. a little bit price…

  19. 46

    Hmmm… thats a good point. Although, I’ve always wanted to have a second cellphone line and this might be a good excuse to have one. I can always use a bluetooth device to talk right?

  20. 48

    Hi sir, would you know if the OS is upgradable to 3.0? I heard that the Android OS 3.0 is optimized for tablets and is the OS used in the tablets that they’ll be releasing soon? Even with these newer tablets, I’m still inclined to get this one because of the handier size (7″) but I was wondering if the OS could be upgraded to 3.0… Thanks in advance!

      • 50

        I’m now trying to decide if I’ll buy the Galaxy Tab now or wait until the 8.9 or 10.1 versions come out later this year. Although I heard that the new versions cannot make voice calls or text messages?

      • 51
        Dexter Panganiban


        If i were you , I’ll wait for that one.. 🙂 , based on experience. you will not use this phone as your mobile phone. perhaps in SMS you may.. but I would prefer to use this as a tab with 3g connection rather than a phone. Just piece of advise.

  21. 52

    Thank you for the information concerning the GT-p1000N mine is working just fine also and I am using the phone with a prepaid sims card. Again thanks for the info.

  22. 53

    I have the gt p1000n, I live in South eastern part of the united states. The N is for north america, if you have an L that is Latin model. The phone works fine although I do not plan on using it for that purpose. So far it works great, so far it is the handest travel companion I own…..

  23. 55

    I just recently purchased this from walmart online and when in tryed to register my tablet it did not recognize the model# GT-p1000n or SN. Samsung informed me that this model was not design for use in the US.

      • 57

        @Dexter Panganiban,

        I was informed by e-mail from Samsung that this model, GT-P1000N was not manufactured for use in this country after I was unable to register my tablet. If you google this model for a user manuel you will not find one in english.

  24. 58

    @ dexter, sir have you tried using the tab thru video call by skype or ym?

    if yes, nasobokan nyo rin po ba the one you video call with is using a samsung tab also? how good it is….

    or any ideas pertaining to video call coz my wife is in abroad and shes using same unit…will buy this same item it really works..

    • 59
      Dexter Panganiban


      As of this time, I have not yet tried to do video call with this unit ( either thru Skype of YM ) . I have heard that fring is trying to implement this. Unfortunately it is one of the feature lacking with Tab and I hope they could make solution for this.

  25. 60

    boss tanong ko lang po pg sa japan binili yung SAMSUNG GT EHH nagana po ba sa pinas ito..ksi balak po kasi akong padalahan ng tita ko..mas mura daw po kasi dun ..yung wifi tab lang ty

  26. 74
    April Pauliene Maligayo

    Hello sir Dexter, tanong ko lang po kung magkano na ang price nito kung sa mall bibilhin?..pinagpipilian ko po ito or iphone 4…pero parang mas gusto ko to..hehe..thanks

  27. 78

    Hello sir, can i use this to make calls and receive and send text messages using a regular load and a regular sim card? please answer, coz i am planning to buy one… Is this as good as a cellphone? focusing on the texting and calling side… thanks so much…

  28. 80

    Hi Dexter. How is it different from the Samsung P1700? And what are your thoughts on Samsung’s creating different versions, unlike the ipad where they maintain only one version which they just upgrade over time.

  29. 84

    Hi Dexter,

    You were mentioning that it’s not good as a phone- does this mean that it’s not good for sending sms and mms as well? or you just pointing out that it’s not good as a phone for calls?

    I am planning to buy this Tab as a new phone 🙂


  30. 86

    I agree with you that SG Tab P1000 is good for mobile browsing. Not that good too if you use it as a phone most of the time as it’s kind of awkward to use it, you better use the earphone. 🙂

    So far, SG P1000 is a nice gadget. i can also watch live stream with this Tab.:)

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