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7 must read Webmaster Central Blog Post

Feb 15, 2008 by     10 Comments    Posted under: Gooogle, SEO Tips

SEO TIPS FROM GOOGLE How particular are you when it comes to page ranking, Google SERP, Google Search Engine and other stuff that relates to Google visibility.

If you want your site to be popular or have an additional visitors that may be converted to a regular visitors I believed reading this links is essential.

Well I just want to inform you the Google has given the 7 must-read Webmaster Central blog posts, I believe this post will really helps a lot on your campaign not only for SEO but also for higher Google Ranking.

  1. Googlebot can’t access my website – I believe the first thing you have to do with this one is to check your robots.txt maybe it is preventing Google from crawling your site.
  2. URL blocked by robots.txt – I have also made a post regarding the robots.txt , and all I can say is, The experiment was a success .
  3. Why was my URL removal request denied?
  4. Flash best practices
  5. The supplemental index – I have made a post before regarding checking your Supplemental Index percentage that you might want to check.
  6. Duplicate content – My post on removing duplicate content that was indexed by google was a suuccess.
  7. Sitemaps FAQs – I have used a plug in to be able to produce one.

I do hope that above clarification of Google will help you to understand how Big G is looking at our post. I have post before an SEO Tool that can help you analyze your site.

BTW This is the first time I will insert the BuzzFuze, and I don’t have idea on how will this help boost my blog. Do you have any insights about this ?

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  • great post 🙂 this is really useful for web noobies

    • @tina,

      Thanks.. BTW you got a great art works in your site 🙂

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  • @ Nella,

    Wait for it.. I will make the post.

    @ Madhur,

    Youre welcome

    @ Huseyn,

    It is my pleasure to help you even I am one of the contestant he he he. It is not a matter of winning for me, But new experience and new technique is being made.

  • This is a nice post.. You helped me a lot.. I need to get higher position in google for the PMT contest.

  • Thanks , these are a must read for any blogger.

  • Nice post once again. Can I make a request post something about google analytics? I have hard time making mine installed.

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