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Blog Layout Changes Better Navigation

Feb 14, 2008 by     2 Comments    Posted under: Wordpress

WordPress › Blog Tool and Weblog Platform_1202721768278 I have added the features of WordPress tag in my blog.You can now see at the bottom portion of my post the tag that I use in the post. I love WordPress because I can put information that I need for my blog to have a very good navigation.

My Search Engine referral is increasing day by day, either from Yahoo and Google. This gives me to think on how I could help visitors to have a better navigation in my blog. It gives me an idea to include the tag links that I use in each of my post.

I actually get the PHP code from WordPress Codex and since I am familiar with the template already I easily get the exact location where I would like the tags to appear.

I just follow the code provided as follows and insert to my preferred location :

Separated by a Bullet

Displays links to tags with a bullet (•) separating the tags and preceded with the text Tagged with: and followed by a line break.

<?php the_tags('Tagged with: ',' • ','<br />'); ?>

After I have successfully implemented the Tag links in my post page , the below screen shot shows the tags that I used for the post. Although I don’t put tags on my previous post before the release of WordPress 2.3.2, I will now start putting this tags in all my future post.

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So if your template does not support the tag you may want to try tweaking using this code.

You might ask what is the importance of Tag ? And how I can easily put the WordPress Tags without login to my WordPress Dashboard? Well I am preparing a post regarding that matter. 🙂

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  • does anyone knows if there is any other information about this subject in other languages?

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