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Google+ and Facebook Comparison, Will Google+ Kill Facebook ?

Jul 13, 2011 by     3 Comments    Posted under: Gooogle

Google+ is now rolling out to some 7 million users, according to different tech reports. The site is still on a limited field trial as mention on their site http://plus.google.com. We are lucky to have been invited to this new social media site as offered by Google. Google+ ( Google Plus )is really viral as of this time, lots of people want to try out this new social media site. Most of the comments I saw is that Google+ is just like Facebook with almost the same function. User share his experience , share links , share video, make +1 on some comments.

The Google  project- real life sharing, rethought for the web.

Here are my comparison of Facebook and Google+ as per my understanding : Please be noted that Google+ is too young to be compared to Facebook but still I want to share how I see their difference.





+username or



Links Sharing



Video Sharing



Appreciation of post or updates



Picture Sharing

Upload Photos ( I like how photos are arrange in Google Plus )

Upload Photos

Video Calling


Video Calling Through Skype

Most Talked about subject of the day




Privacy option is still minimum

Privacy has lots of option

Profile Google utilizes the Google Profile on the Database Limited Profile
Pages for Business None ( Google said that they will launch Google+Business Soon ) Pages could be make for a particular business


None as of this time

Lots of flash games

Spam At the moment No Spam

Lots of Spams

Incorporation of Tweets As of this time I don’t have application to do merge There are 3rd party application that could merge the tweets to Facebook status
User Interface At first I am lost Sometimes I am lost also lost here due to lots of options that could be tweaked


None as of this time

Lots of advertisements

Finding People User needs to know the name used – The system will not ask if you need to ask for permission User could search the name and then add and ask for permission

SEO Potential

I think Google will love his own .

Post as long as it is public could easily be crawled by Google

I have also found out that there are still some bugs in Google+ since data on their different page is not tallying as an example, when I check the friend list as shown in the friend list, it shows that there are 55 people who added me in their circle however in my profile it shows that there are on 12 users who added me in their circle . Check captured picture below

Circles - Google _1310531670498

Dexter Panganiban - Google _1310531698809

As an additional tip make sure to use your avatar on your other social media site for easy recognition. Brand is important.

Above comments is just my observation, I will update the list if there are some areas which I have misunderstood.

At the end Will Google+ Kill Facebook? if you need an invite let me know.

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  • i love SEO potential comparison: Love your own for Googleplus!

    But why kill each other? pede ba peaceful co-existence?

    • @Menard,

      It could be co-existence sa una , but definitely one will win over the other. It is also what happen to friendster vs facebook .

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