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Most of us like to listen to music whenever we do something – games, work, or both – for instance. Personally, I love to listen to music when I work as it helps lessen the stress…or at least drown it out.

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However, one simple but annoying problem arises: streaming music from YouTube requires you to open a tab. This may not seem much, but tab-heavy work such as online content writing or SEO makes this YouTube tab unbelievably annoying. Worse, when the music ends, you’ll end up in awkward silence and you have to search for another song, taking up precious time. On the other hand if you’re listening to a playlist, say, Top 40 billboard charts, you may end up in a freakin’ ugly song and you can’t skip because you’re too occupied. If you’re playing an intense League of Legends game, you can’t just alt+tab in the middle of a clash, can you? Other alternatives to YouTube streaming includes the following:

1. YouTube Repeater – This is actually handy for people addicted to a single song.

2. Grooveshark – A better alternative to YouTube because it allows you to create a playlist with its drag-and-drop feature. You still need to keep a tab up though.

3. Humming – No tab. Hundreds of songs you like. Doesn’t eat up resources. But your voice isn’t exactly the best, so it’s a no-go too.

Streamus Saves The Day

There’s this young man called Sean Anderson who, being a programmer and LoL enthusiast, found tabs and YouTube streaming annoying. As such, with his awfully brilliant mind, programmed a Chrome Extension called Streamus. Streamus as the name suggests, turns YouTube into a music player – something that we’ve always wanted.

Cool Features

1. No Bookmarks – If you’re one of the many people that bookmarks YouTube videos so you can replay it again and again, well, Streamus saves you the hassle of doing that. You’re video collections are now accessible to every PC because it’s  a Chrome Extension!

2. Tab-less Streaming – I’m sure you experienced this catastrophe: you’re listening to your favorite song and suddenly – boom – you accidentaly closed the tab. Annoying, right? You won’t have to worry about this tragedy if you’re using Streamus. The Chrome Extension plays even without tabs. Magic indeed!

3. Discover New Songs – It’s “Radio” feature suggests new songs depending on what music you are listening to. At last, you’ll never run out of new music.

4. Share – A Streamus playlist is shareable via

A New Necessity

Streamus is the newest must-have Chrome Extension for music junkies, like you and me.

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