Tech Hot News: iPad iBooks, RIM new CEO, YouTube Hits 4Billion, Megaupload

Tech Hot News: iPad iBooks, RIM new CEO, YouTube Hits 4Billion, Megaupload

There are lots of hot tech news roaming around the web that we believe readers shouldn’t miss. We also think that this will have a great impact in the future.

Apple iBook to reinvent textbook

Kindle fire initiated a trend last 2011 with e-books at  Now Apple is on its way of reinventing education with the launch of iBooks bookstore exclusively for iPad. Lots of discussions on the advantages of the project which for now is only catered to high-end market for students and schools that can afford iPad with current price of $499. In Addition Apple have made new function for iBook that will surely help student and school that will opt in the use of iBook.

RIM new CEO under close watch

Recent news says that current CEO will follow the strategy of its predecessor. But the company is still struggling to win confidence from investors and company’s stock price continues to slide according to reports.

The current news of its Blackberry Playbook 7-inch is on sale at for only $299 with 64GB version and with updated  email, contacts, and calendar applications including support for Android apps. RIM new CEO stepped down to give way to new ideas and strategy of the company.

You Tube hits four billion download a day

You Tube in the recent news registered a 25 percent increase of video views for the last 8 eights to reach an enormous 4billion hit views average a day.  This doesn’t include the upload videos with the amazing average of 60 hours every minute with the same number of months. I believe that Youtube gains extra views due to the closure of Megaupload as shown below.

Megaupload shutting down sparks fear file-sharing sites

After the case of Megaupload, some file-sharing sites start shutting down their activities. While others small file-sharing sites stop the reward program from users to encourage downloading of copyright files and start deleting accounts. Although some of these affiliate sites and anonymous groups are alleged of building copycat sites such as Megaupload to run on Russian servers. Meanwhile, latest update on the case of founder Kim Dotcom denies all charges pressed against him.

Users needs to be very careful since lots of phishing site will take advantage of this scenario.

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