My House Wi-Fi is now Connected via Linksys Wireless G Home Router

My House Wi-Fi is now Connected via Linksys Wireless G Home Router We have Globe Lines as our Internet Provider here in Cavite and I tried to make our house to have a wireless connection, at first I have a hard time connecting my newly purchased LinkSys Wireless-G Home Router to our existing modem from Globe { Siemens SE260 ADSL2 + modem } but thru Googling I would like to thank this instruction for teaching me how to connect it properly. I copied the instruction for ease to my readers.

1) Connect your laptop/PC to the linksys router via RJ45 cable.

2) Go to the router’s admin page via and change the default IP to (this is assuming that your Siemens modem’s gateway is which is usually the case…).

3) Make sure that the subnet mask is and then disable DHCP. Save the settings.

4) Connect the modem to the router via one of the LAN ports and not thru the WAN port(internet port). This is important. This makes the modem and the router bridged and they are now in 1 subnet.

5) Reboot everything from PC to router to modem. The wireless router should now be connected to the modem.

Instruction above will help a lot to those who will purchase the same Router mentioned above. I bought the router at 1950 if in case you are interested. I will post the unboxing pics later.

Dexter Panganiban

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    ReTwurl Short URL

    Linksys is not very good in my opinion. It kept cutting out and I switched to Netgear and all of my problems stopped.

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    I really recommend linksys routers. I’ve been using it since I was in the US up until now in the Philippines. I never turn off my router, it is on 24 hours a day, be it hot or cold and my router still works fine.

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        @Dexter, yup. Same in the US. The globelines modem is kind of primitive. 😛

        Yeah, Jehz is a nice guy. He let me in on his adsense techniques!

        Maybe you could comment on my new blog design? I’ve just finished it. Hirap magdesign di pa naman ako creative hehe.

        And by the way, just one question, you came from Saudi and now you are earning online part time or full time?

        Phaws last blog post..2nd Phawville Design

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        Yup Jehz is a nice guy no wonder that is why he is earning great 🙂

        I am only part time in blogging I work as a Mechanical Engineer in Saudi Arabia. Me and my wife are both blogging 🙂

        She helps me write on some of my blogs. And I can say We are also earning good amount from bloggiing specially if there are good events

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        @Dexter, Ah I see. By the way care for a link exchange? I’ll add you tomorrow as I am already sleepy…

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        @Dexter Panganiban, I would like to ask you if you would agree to an interview like I did Jehz?

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    Jhelo Cruz

    wifi zone din bahay namin.. Linksys Wireless G din gamit ko ung WRT54G2

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    Great walkthrough dexter. Again, welcome home.

    My problem is which “wireless router to buy?” is “G” enough to power up wireless connection inside our house? Im not really sure what to buy..

    thanks in advance,

    jayls last blog post..Top Design Tips For Website Focusing On Toys

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