Making Money Online with Smowtion Compared to AdSense ( Blogger’s Review )

I have been using Smowtion for the last 6 months. I already got 2 payments from them, and waiting for my third payment. Smowtion is paying through PayPal at the eight of the following month after reaching the threshold amounting to $ 100, I can’t say that the earning potential in Smowtion is better than AdSense. AdSense still rocks when properly implemented. We as bloggers and content providers needs to find ways on how to make more money online.

Making Money Online with Smowtion

Since this blog has been banned by Google AdSense for an Unknown reason. I have tried different methods on how to earn more from this blog. Which only proved that there is blogging life after AdSense.

As of this writing Smowtion alone gives an amount which is sufficient for paying my VPN account for all my blogs in Dreamhost.

It is great that  smowtion is communicating with publishers, publishers will not be able to be banned for an unknown reason , they constantly send warning message if they found out that there is an irregularity happening at the blogs where the codes are placed. They do reply on bloggers query regarding the warning, which will give publishers a chance to rectify any problem that the blog might be encountering.

Smowtion also provide pop under ads that is not intrusive. Users will see the ads when leaving the page which does not post any obstruction with your readers. But still it is up to the publisher to use this option. Some says that it is not good for the blog.

On my observation ads sizes of 336×280 performs well among others and followed by 160×600 ads.

The threshold for payment is $100 and payments is being sent through Paypal. A publisher will get 60% share of the payment if they directly enroll at Smowtion site but will get 80% when publishers applied through my referral codes. ( Join Smowtion Here ) , Just for information I will earn 10% from what my referrals will earn for 6 months. Smile , so work hard ok.

The main differences of Smowtion compared to AdSense is it’s preferred ads location with in the blogs, Smowtion don’t want to see their ads floating in the contents, but instead it should be located to a location where it should not be misunderstood as part of the post. The ads should be visible as an ads and not as a content.

Income are generated after conversion of clicks as shown in their Dashboard. So I think Smowtion will be best for niche blogs.

Disclosure : Most of the links found within the post are affiliate links.

Dexter Panganiban

Dexter is a person who loves technology,new gadget, SEO, Social Media and Christianity. Follow him at twitter via @techathand and add him @ Google+ and contact us at [email protected]

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  1. 2

    Hey Dex, does the Creativity filters work for you? I try to block some ads to a specific website but it doesn’t seem to work for me.
    Do you have any ideas? Yes, I did spoke to their support team but that didn’t helped me 🙁

      • 5

        @Dexter Panganiban, ok thanks…naban din kasi ako ng adsense for unknown reason. ayoko ng magaksaya ng panahon sa kanila hehe

  2. 7
    Dave Swag

    I’ve just recently started to use Smowtion. Would you happen to know how long their reports take to update?

    Thanks for all the info on this blog as well! Cheers!

  3. 13

    the idea just popped because I have this friend who stopped blogging because she only earned $3 from adsense and some of my friends where trying outsource some third party website to spin their articles and only gain one backlink. So I thought why not create one for pinoy bloggers to help them.

  4. 14

    Sir Dex, I hope you don’t mind this post… I am making a website similar to hubpages and snipsly allowing authors to earn 80% revenue on their Adsense account, backlinks, and do-follow. Any topics will do except for explicit and porn articles. My intention is to help all bloggers to increase their PR through back-linking and do-follow at the same time additional revenue on their ads. SEO is also added.

    anyone interested?

      • 16

        @Dexter, still building it.

        The site is functional now but I am still modifying the codes to add a function inside the WP dashboard for the user to put their adsense pub id and ads ID. I am not happy with the plugins available so I am cracking wordpress on my own.

        But for those interested, they can contact me and I will hard code their adsense ID for the meantime. The site is Any topic is allowed except for those I mentioned above. I am hoping to help especially Pinoy bloggers to promote their site.

      • 17
        Great D Dilla

        @pinoytechhub, salamat sir! maganda po yung naisip nyo. at mabigyan din ang new bloggers ng fighting chance laban dun sa mga websites at blogs na malalaki na.

  5. 20

    Sir Dex! Ask lng ako about Adsense. Is it better to withdraw the adsense earnings through Western Union or Google check?
    Okay lang po ba pagsabayin ang smowtion at adsense?
    I have smowtion but i remove it from my site because of no converstion for how many days/weeks.

    • 21
      Dexter Panganiban


      I would prefer western union.. No charge at all.. What you ear is what you get.. Check will cost you US$25

      I think smowtion works depends on niche. It converts well in this blog..

      When I did my research, it says that smowtion and adsense can go together but don’t put it side by side..

      But if you are afraid on having the risk better to choose among them

    • 26
      Dexter Panganiban

      @Great D Dilla,

      After being banned with Adsense, I tried to use other source of income and I could say that I have recovered my lost from Adsense. And Smowtion is one of the tools for recovery 🙂

    • 28

      @Bob, you should contact your affiliate manager like what Dexter said. I also got a warning before.. wait it was not a warning the thing is they’ve suspended my blog from my site manager due to explicit material and title daw (imagine that i was only telling that there’s a new FHM edition.. :)) I asked why and how can i reactivate my account, after doing what they asked me to do… viola.. everything’s restored. 😀

      • 29

        @pinoytechhub, okay. Thank you din po sa suggestion. I will contact them soon para dagdag sa source of income. Heheheh.

    • 31

      @Bob, I actually receives lots of warn from them.. the best thing to do is to contact your affiliate manager, they will instruct you on what to do.. Baka naka incorporate sya sa post.. di pwede sa smowtion yun.. di pwede ang floating ads.. normaly the best place is the 728×90 above fold..

  6. 32

    @pinoytechhub ngayon ko lang kasi naisipan itry ang WP,, puro lang ako… kaya about plugins wala pa ako alam… Sana matuloy ung tutorial mo sa WP,, aabangan ko yan. thanks

  7. 34

    @dex, pinoytechub: pwd ba magpaturo senio gumawa ng website na may login/register page? mahirap ba matutunan ang paggawa nun?

    • 35

      @Juan, wordpress? kung WP, marami naman plugins ka pede gamitin customize mo na lang.

      Actually, I am cooking something to blog afterwards… basics on how to create a registration page and login page… apparently I am so busy at work kaya nde ko pa matapos.. registration pa lang nagagawa ko… simple lang..

  8. 36

    SSS ang nilagay ko, Social Security db?

    naka set sa akin ngaun yung IMS kaso, annoying yung pati logo ko nilalagyan nia ng ads… wahahaha

  9. 38

    @dex 50USD din ang minimum payout,, net 7 lang sila… if decided ka na magreg dun under me sabihin mo lang at ikaw ang kauna-unahang kong referral…hehehe

    @pinoytech TIN # o SSS # ba ang kelangan dun sa smowtion? hindi ko pa rin nakukumpleto ung fiscal form ko at hindi ako mababayaran this coming payment cycle… 🙁

  10. 39

    @pinoytechub thank you,, try mo din ung kapareho nung gumgum ung imagespacemedia… in-image ads din yan,, 8times na ako nakatanggap ng payment sa kanila…

    • 43

      @Juan, i still can’t say much but what the heck a penny is still a penny, right? little by little everyday like what most people say… but I think if you’re a photo blogger of all sorts of things and places and you put the right tags for that picture and people click on it… you might get higher pay-outs… anyway before you start, you can read their FAQ’s first…

      • 44

        @Juan, the best part of it, it works with Adsense… Q: Does GumGum conflict with existing ads on my website?
        A: GumGum’s ads work alongside standard ad networks including Google Adsense, Adbrite, Kontera, etc.

    • 50

      @Juan, do this:

      – Click on Complete your fiscal information now.
      Answer “No” to the following:

      Are you: an American citizen, a resident alien, an American company or an American association?
      Do you own any pieces of equipment in the US that may be related to your Smowtion account?
      Do you have any employees in the US that may be related to your participation in Smowtion?

      Then Hit Continue… then just fill the information there that applies to you.

  11. 53

    I am glad I check because it lead me to your blog here. Your information is amazing… thanks so much! =)

  12. 54

    @pinoytechhub copyright material ung reason… oo nga po eh hindi na nare-instate sayang yung 1500USD ko hindi na nabayaran,,

    @Dex thanks try ko yung sinabi mo,, for the mean time tyaga na lang muna ako sa smowtion

    • 57

      @Juan, anong sinabing reason bakit ka na-ban? there’s no way Google will re-instate a banned adsense but of course it depends on the grounds why it was removed in the first place.

    • 58


      Try to change your mailing address, kung meron ka pang pwedeng ilagay. Then don’t apply yung mga site na ginagamit mo dati. Maaring maaproove ka ulit.

      • 62


        Additional tip.. kelangan di sya kamukha ng adsense.. para sa adsense TOS.. at kailangan di sya nakalutang sa post.. para naman yan sa smowtion TOS..

      • 63

        @Dexter, okay. Slalamat sa tip. Nga pala, bakit na ban kau sa adsense?

        Gaano ka laki ang difference kay ng adsense at smowtion earnings?

      • 64


        Mas malaki pa rin yung adsense… kung bkit ako na ban.. di ko rin alam .. pero ang kagandahan i have manage to get a new one.. kaya yun ang ginagamit ko sa mga adsense site ko.. yun nga ang di ko na malagyan yung mga site na may adsense dati nung ma ban ako.. mahirap na pangalawahan 🙂

  13. 67

    This is really great news, specially for those new in blogging and making profit from it. I haven’t tried it but it’s worth to give it a shot.

  14. 69

    Nice, I’ll juggle smowmotion with cindyclips and see which is better. Cindyclips is giving me about $100 a month but their ads are videos :/

    • 70
      Dexter Panganiban


      Smowtion is better nowadays than before that is why i decided to post about it. Maybe advertisers are increasing because they are really strict on ad placement.

      Floating ads is not allowed. Try to see the position of ads in this blog.

      I got a lot of warning when i put the codes floating left.. so I change it 🙂 and glad to change it.

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