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Testing Project Wonderful

Feb 9, 2008 by     4 Comments    Posted under: Money Matters

Project Wonderful

I have installed the script for Project Wonderful. I heard good feedback from other blogger about this new Advertising Scheme. I don’t know when this ads will be filled. I have set the lowest bid to have $ 0.20. I believed this is reasonable. This will also be testing for this site on how it attracts the advertisers. So what are you waiting for. Press that blue button and place your bid. 🙂

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  • @ Madhur,

    Thanks . I do hope that this will work for me as well. It works to other but their Stats are far away from mine.

  • Good luck on this , i am thinking of trying it too.

  • @ bariles

    Good to see your comment after 2 weeks. I am glad that this site helps in some ways of your blogging matters. If not thru this comment I will not be able to find your good blog about General Santos.. Good to see you here

  • Good luck on your foray into Project Wonderful. I have been subscribed to you for the two weeks now and been digesting your every post. Thanks for all the tips, especially on the Pacquaio posts.

    Hello from a noobie from the Tuna Capital!

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