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Pinoy Money Talk

Feb 9, 2008 by     17 Comments    Posted under: SEO Tips

Pinoy Money Talk is the site that Online Filipino Entrepreneur is talking about. Why ? because they are the one who release the first details about the PayPal local Bank Withdrawal. And now Pinoy Money Talk is giving out some cash for the best SEO optimizer for the keyword ” Pinoy Money Talk “. I am now joining with that contest ( That is why I made this post 🙂 ). This might be late but I would like to learn again something from the participants since in every SEO game that I am joining. For sure there are again new things to learn. See the Mechanics at James Blog

BTW joining SEO Contest also gives some advertising to your blog. Because the host is usually linking to the entry site.

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  • @ seoflea,

    I have focussed my effort in Pacquaio and Marquez fight that is why.. I think garry will get it.. Anyway.. It was fun joining the contest

    Dexter’s last blog post..Journalist Malu Fernandez vs Pinoy Blogger

  • You’re entry seems to be dong good a few days ago but today it seems Garry can’t be toppled out of his chair once again and he knows it.

    My pinoy money talk entry got slapped by Google to at least make it to the first page by March 14 but it seems only Yahoo loves what I am doing so far.

    pinoy money talk’s last blog post..Sam Casuncad – SEO Flea

  • @ Shannon

    Thanks for visiting.. Good to see that there are now lots of Filipino Blogging… Great

  • Hello, Yes, marami ka talagang malalaman sa seo contest. Im joining too. Btw, great Blog!

  • @ Clement,

    I believe you can.. it is open to everyone..

  • @Dexter,

    Though you are late, I wish you all the best.Can I join this one?Would I be even more late?

  • @ lady,

    Glad to hear that.. This is what I like in an SEO Contest. Usually the participants checks who is the first page. Then when the landed on your page they are a potential. Network of Friends.

  • thanks for the tip.. hey you are on the first page already.. congrats!

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  • @ Lady,

    It will go automatically sa .ph kung nasa pinas ka but at the lower right of your google you can see ” Got to >>> Google.com <<< just press it and it will direct you to the Google main

  • but im on the 6th page.. if click http://google.com i end up at http://google.com.ph..

  • @ Lady,

    You just have to go to http://www.google.com and type ” Pinoy Money Talk ” and if your site is there.. great you are on the good side. Since I am late to join this one I am now at the 3rd Page

  • hi.. thanks for the visit… oi am not sure if where my blog ranks sa contest.. anong SERP checker ba ang dapat gamitin.. please tell me so that I Can check my SERP..thanks..

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